Thanksgiving on the Ouachita

texaswildDecember 2, 2009

Back from Bro's - had another wonderful experience. Water had fallen two ft. since my last visit, so we exited the boat in waders w/water to my waist. By the time we left the water was down in most of the yard so we just used tall rubber boots to get to boat on the bank of the slough. Bro is taking the boat out of the water today. He finally got electricity yesterday. Since we didn't have TV, there was lots of time for conversation. DD learned to knit in near darkness. Lamplight was very nice in early evening b/f Bro turned on the generator. I continued to clean out Mo's things from the house. It was sad to leave as I doubt there'll be another opportunity to take the boat to his front porch. The last time the water was this high was in 2001. Take note of one picture - as I was scrubbing the rooster that had been submerged up to his head for nearly a month, I was amazed that not one tile had fallen off, proving the stability of thinset. DD finished the sweater the day we got back, and yesterday I glued a switchplate for a Christmas gift. Hope to grout this afternoon. Spent most of the morning downloading the following pictures. Thanksgiving Trip

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WOW!!! Betty, Great pics!!! I have seen flooding here this fall, only 2-3 ft, in various places on the island. Good that the rooster was done so well!!! Those real roosters must be jealous!ha! Good job on the switchplate cover too! And the sweater is gorgeous!!!! I'd love to have that!!!! All the colors of the rainbow! Go with anything!!!! That's me! Cindy had me be her "Personal Shopper" the other day as she was at work, and I went a tracked down a glass'ceramic kiln for sale($200!!!) WOW! what a deal...I told her that I didn't buy it but that she couldn't come over to my house anymore....ya, like that really flew!ha! About as far as your concrete rooster!hahahaha! And then she got a super deal on kiln "stuff" and it's all at my place right now, she said I could learn/play as she is so busy at work...I have a friend who is coming over tomorrow(we are going to a garden center!) and she knows very well, how to do kiln work so Yippee!!!!! I'd show some pics, but my camera is off line(my bad!) Jane

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Wow Janie, you and Cindy did get a great deal on the kiln and stuff.
Betty, I think the pics are wonderful and I know you had a very good time. I love the rooster, don't think I have ever seen that before. How fitting since your brother does the fighting bit. Suzy did a great job on the sweater, I am assuming you taught her to knit? It has been a long time since I knitted, doubt I would remember how.
Thanks for the pics, I really enjoyed them.

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Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I would not be surprise if he does not see another flood in 2010 with the weather a rain

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