I have a question about a soap dispenser - help!

desertstephApril 17, 2012

I'm narrowing down my options for a kitchen faucet. Not ready to buy yet but figure if I get it down to 1 or 2 then I can watch for a good buy on one of them.

this one from Danze seems to have the right dimensions for me - I'm not really into having a soap dispenser. I might not even use it/put it in but I don't understand this one -

is this thing made to shoot the soap at ME instead of the water? If so, I'd want to put face cleanser in it instead of dish soap - lol!

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does anyone have any bad reviews for American Standard faucets?

that's another one I'm considering. looks much like the one above. A little bit different at the base of the faucet.

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I had a built-in soap dispenser (used it for Dawn) in a former house. After a couple of years, the chemicals/acid/whatever in the dishwashing product ate away the metal around the nozzle opening. Replaced the top section, and it happened again, using a different brand of soap. Think the dispenser was Moen brand. Never again! Having one for hand soap might not be as harsh, but I just keep a small hand pump of softsoap on the sink.

I'm certain with the Danze, the hole is on the underside of the spout.

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Nice looking choices.

I had a Delta very similar to your inspiration pics. I chose not to install the dispenser after trying to use the one my Mom had at her house. Was more trouble than it was worth. The spout discolored & she just didn't like going to the trouble of reloading.

We currently have a Moen brand that looks almost like your 1st photo. Love this faucet. It is holding up much better than our previous one. Got lucky I guess.

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We have a single-hole-mount faucet with a pull-down spray. I think it came with a soap dispenser, but I didn't install it. I figured I would get annoyed refilling it.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

is this thing made to shoot the soap at ME instead of the water?
No. The hole that the soap comes out of is located on the bottom or the 'arm' as opposed to coming out of the end of it.

I keep hand soap in mine as opposed to actual dish soap, since I find myself washing my hands so frequently at the kitchen sink.

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'Is this thing made to shoot the soap at ME instead of the water?

No. The hole that the soap comes out of is located on the bottom or the 'arm' as opposed to coming out of the end of it.'

'I'm certain with the Danze, the hole is on the underside of the spout.'

ah! it's underneath - how weird.

that thing looks like a little bird w/it's beak!

no, don't think I'd want to mess w/refilling one either.

besides my sink only has 3 holes and it be too much to try to put another hole in it w/o cracking it. not worth the trouble or expense to have someone try it.

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I have a Danze soap dispenser and it has worked well for ten years. I always add water to the liquid detergent. It works just as well and comes out of the dispenser more easily. Saves money, too. However, the Danze faucet that came with it was a piece of junk. It was leaking and spurting within a couple years and I replaced with a Ladylux Cafe -- I think that's the name.

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I have a single hole only faucet set which is a very tall gooseneck, single lever on the side of the thing. It is a great faucet, pull out either stream or spray. It swivels.

I hate to try to keep the pieces of a multi piece faucet set from getting mold and mildew and gunk all around them, so I have only this one holer. When I got my new sink (not yet installed though) it has NO HOLES DRILLED, and the single hole faucet set will be mounted on the flat Silestone behind the undermount sink. If I have my way, that countertop will extend flat all the way into the bottom of the new gardenwindow behind the sink.

I also do not like the pull out spray hoses which have cheap stiff hoses under the sink that always catch on whatever I store down there. The faucet set I have has a really great flex-hose that slides slick as a greased pig when I pull it out, it has a weight on the hose which pulls it back down when I return it to the faucet head-pipe.

I am presently using the old sink SS which was drilled for four holes. I put little caps over the holes siliconed down I think.

For soap I keep a pump bottle of liquid detergent dawn by the sink, which I use to wash my hands anti bacterial Dawn. They use Dawn to save the lives of the seabirds covered in that stupid oil in the Gulf, so I know it can do the job.

Cannot think of any other feature to contribute to evaluating the plus/minus of a faucet set. Just keep the number of holes down. Simplify the pipes under the sink so you can use that space for storage.

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I'm with you ML - don't want to have to continually clean the gunk around the faucets and parts to it. that's why I stuck to a very basic looking faucet. I think the handle on it type might be too high for me - I did have 2 or 3 of those on my list tho. I think the handle lower (same level as the counter area) will be the best handle hght for me.

I did have one w/ a pull down on the list that I really liked and was a good hght, reach etc for me but when reading the 'fine print' it says that pull down head is plastic! that was a kohler I think. I don't want to mess with SS looking plastic.

the sprayer will have to go on the left side - which is above the GD I won't be using. I have wondered if I should get a cheap GD to use just on occasion when there might be tiny bits that will go down the drain anyway. I'm on a septic so isn't something I want to use much. besides, that's another thing I've lived w/o for way over 20 yrs now and have survived fine w/out it.

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We have two soap dispensers that came with our faucets (one for each main sink and secondary sink), and I am very happy we have them. I do not have any problem with gunk around them; they are directly in the granite and butcher block, and they refill from the top. I use Dawn, but put a little water in it.

I did have to replace one of them, as it stopped pumping, but Price Pfister has a lifetime guarantee, and they sent me a new one free of charge. They also sent me a brand new faucet when I called about replacing a little piece in the spray head. Any faucet I buy I make certain it has a lifetime warranty. Some of them don't. When we had our white Moen pullout previously, I replaced the pullout wand three times because the plastic yellowed a little. They sent me a new one each time. Yep, free of charge.

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will have to check for that lifetime warranty on whatever I buy. I hate the idea of having to replace one. I can't do it myself so would have to pay someone to do it again.

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I've been measuring and remeasuring each day. Just to see if my 'view' of it all changes. It has somewhat. So far I've got it down to the Danze above or a Kohler forte -

the Danze is 3/4 " higher than my max height of 12" for a faucet. the spout hght and reach are both 1/2 to 3/4 " less than the Kohler. kohler is 11.5" faucet hght, reach and spout hght are 9". the spout hght is an inch or so more than I wanted but I think I can deal with that ok.

the 'reach' for neither is out to the drain area (it'd need to be 12" to be over the drain on the 'new' sink). the Kohler is about 3/4" more than the Danze - I think that's a plus for it. some say it should be out to the drain. The one i have in there now isn't tho (it's close) and doesn't splash (it's only about 5.5" spout hght tho - not much room to even splash).

so, I'm wondering about the spout reach on some of your faucets. Do they come out to over the drain? back an inch or 2 from the drain? does the water splash if it's not over the drain?

i think the 1/2 inch more in spout hght will be ok - the water coming out will be above where I'd be working with my hands if rinsing dishes so i won't have to lower them down closer in the sink. I think will be fine.

My real concern with spout hght and reach is the splashing I read about over on kitchens. Most of them (all?) have the new deeper sinks like 9 -10" deep. Mine is about 7.5 - 8" deep. I didn't want one deeper than 8". My water pressure isn't super duper at the kitchen sink. I might have to have that checked into for the dw? I don't know.

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I'm being ignored...boo-hoo! (on my prev last post about the 'reach')

so I'm bumping it back up to get input on the 'reach' and splashing or no splashing of some of your faucets.

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This is the first time I've read this thread, and I'm so glad you posted it Steph. I didn't think I had anything to add, and I don't really since I've never had a built in soap dispenser, but I do like having my dishwashing soap in a pump beside the sink. So much easy to give it a pump than pick up a bottle with a slippery hand.

About the reach, I never paid attention and had to go look. I have a double sink and the faucet is offset. The spout is directly over one drain and about 2" from the other. No problem with splashing on either one. I have read about those splashing issues on the kitchen forum and am concerned myself as I was thinking of getting that type faucet too. But I want a single bowl sink too.

As far as warranty, Moen has a lifetime guaranty also. We've had to call them several times as all our fixtures are Moen. They don't ask for any proof, just want to know which part and it's in the mail the next day. My kitchen faucet is leaking right now if it's turned a certain way and I need to figure out which part to ask for. I don't know that discoloration would be covered, but if the pump quit working (and it seems they all do on my plastic ones), that would be a warranty item.

My question is this, if they fill from the top, do they come apart for cleaning just like the other kind?

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Steph I bought a new faucet a few months ago. It is tall and does not extend out over the drain. It splashes less then the shorter faucet. I think that is because with the shorter faucet I was always trying to fit long pans under to rinse and that is what splashed. Now I can angle the long tall pans,think cookie sheets, so the water runs across them into the sink and not splash onto them to the back of the sink. I have fewer spots on my window.

As far as soap and sprayer I have neither and my faucet is double handle. I like it just fine.

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Good point Shades. I was going to mention that. That is why I want a single sink and a little deeper too. When cleaning cookie sheets, I either spray myself in the face or shower the backsplash. Same with any big pan, especially the roaster.

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'I either spray myself in the face or shower the backsplash'

that'd be me too! I'd probably shower me also. I've not had (or missed having it) a sprayer in over 20 yrs, so I doubt I'd use it much. Still, if it comes with the faucet and I've got the predrilled hole for it, I'll have it put in. Could be I'll find a use for it.

I don't want to be running water and have it splashing out of the sink or up at me tho. I've not read a concrete reason for those that splash over on kitchens - just some possibilities listed. the one I remember given most often was the 'reach' part. I think it most often was attributed to it should come down over the drain. Not sure how anyone w/ a corner or far back drain would be able to get that. They'd have to put a bar/prep faucet in at the main sink to get close to those drains.

The 'reach' on most I've looked at online runs 7.5 - about 10", yet the center of my drain is about 12" from the center back of the faucet. So even the longest 'reach' won't put the spout over my drain. I'm really tired of looking at faucets and their measurements - I don't want to look at them anymore. I also don't want to put several hundred into a faucet plus install cost only to have it be a pita!

I'm beginning to think splashing might have a lot more to do with the water pressure. It isn't real high here, so maybe it won't be a problem for me no matter what 'reach' I have. I do want the spout to be close to about half way point in the sink - it'll be easier on me if my arms aren't reaching much past the drain area.

If you all don't have the water coming out over the drain and don't get the 'splash' then I feel pretty safe even if the faucet I buy doesn't 'reach' over the drain.

Also -
At this point my water isn't splashing anywhere. I'm lucky any comes out evidently. I only get a trickle on the cold side - lol! gotta have that checked out... the hot side takes a long time getting to the hot water so I'm not in fear of being scalded by it yet. It does waste a lot of water tho.

I've also noticed in the new place the hot handle is on the right and in here the hot is on the left. Nothing like confusing me!

marti - on the soap dispenser - I wouldn't mind having one of those if my sink had a hole for it already and the dispenser worked easily. I'm also fine with my normal use of the Dawn bottle tho.

have you checked into the MT installation?

I do think they would work better if the soap is thinned out with water.

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Steph. The water hits the sink 4 inches back from the drain hole. There is no splash at all even with water on full blast.We have good water pressure. There are aerators in the faucets to stop splash. I would not spend extra money for soap and added hole. I had to look hard to get NO sprayer too. More to leak. If I had a hole I would cover it with the round disk. I do not want a sprayer in my life ever again.

I would love a single sink but I have a deep double so it is what it is. If it ever needs to be replaced I will certainly consider a single. I love them. So much easier to do dishes in.

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'The water hits the sink 4 inches back from the drain hole.'

that's great news - and dashes the idea that the spout should be over the drain - even w/good pressure!

Is your faucet a high one? I'm sticking to a 12" limit. The one I'm leaning toward is 11.5" tall.

I'm sure I'll be safe then w/ the faucet that has the 9" reach. I have 3 holes already so will put in the sprayer - I worry about leaking also. The first sign of a leak and that sucker will be yanked and a disk popped in it's place! I won't waste money replacing it or paying someone to put in a new one.

I still think I want a double - that's what I picked up used for my 'new' kitchen. And it's shallow - so many new ones are too deep for me. I don't want to 'fish' around a deep bottom sink. hopefully I won't be doing as many dishes by hand in the future. I've liked the shallow sink here just fine over the yrs. I think my short arms play into it...

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" The first sign of a leak and that sucker will be yanked and a disk popped in it's place! I won't waste money replacing it or paying someone to put in a new one."

This is where the problem lies. The newer faucets have the sprayer built right into the faucet plumbing. No way to yank it and cap that line. So do be careful what you buy. I have a three hole sink and could easily had a sprayer. It was actually harder to find a faucet with out sprayer. You need to look at the base of the faucet now.There is a sneaky new type of line feeds the sprayer.

Faucet is 12 inches tall. 8 1/2 inches reach out into the sink. I really like it and am glad I bought it. Was about 75 dollars as I remember. Close enough. I think it is a delta but do not tell the kitchen peeps.

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'The newer faucets have the sprayer built right into the faucet plumbing. No way to yank it and cap that line. '

boy, I'll have to check that out in advance. thx for the warning.

that's close enough to the measurements on mine 12 vs 11.5" and 8.5 vs 9" reach. very close.

what's wrong w/ a delta? that's a good name! of course, some of them don't think they have a good faucet unless it costs 500.00 or more... I'm in shock at 250.00! I do plan to check online for a sale on it.

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We had a delta like much like your photos many years ago when polished brass was in style. It worked fine for a long time and then began leaking around the base. The brass finish scratched & was pretty worn by the end but in all fairness it got used a lot!! The way it was constructed allowed for gunk to kinda build up around a piece on the bottom of the faucet. Didn't use the sprayer a whole lot but think it was o.k. Our replacement faucet is brushed nickel & is easier to keep clean. Love it.

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krayers - which faucet pictured here? there's a danze, a AS and a Kohler. I'm specifically going for very streamlined - no curves or details for gunk to get embedded in - and SS which should hold up better than other finishes.

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Steph - it was most like the 1st photo in your post (the Danze). The piece around the bottom part of the faucet spout was not all one piece with the faucet. It could be moved up & down. Was kinda like a collar. I doubt that they are still made that way. The finish you are looking at should hold up much better. My new one is all one piece - very streamlined & places for gunk to get. The brushed nickel finish is great - doesn't show fingerprints & no scratches so far.

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thx krayers! so far i've narrowed it to the kohler above (3rd pic). it has less 'trim', so less areas for gunk to accumulate. It also isn't as tall as the others and has a better (more) 'reach'. I'd read some complaints on kitchens or bathrooms on the brushed nickel (I don't think the finish on all brands is created equal) so I decided to go with SS. It's usually a bit more expensive but seems safer in the long run.
of course, I'll want to see it in person before buying (in case I do end up buying online). It's the helpful input of posters here and on kitchens that has helped me work thru all the in/outs of a kitchen faucet to finally decide on the kohler.

When I started out to pick a new faucet I had no idea there was so much about one faucet to consider. I'll also have to print out the install info so the guy doing the installing can check that part of it out before I actually buy it.

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Good luck. I would think the Kohler should be good. Haven't had a Kohler faucet but am loving my new kohler bathtub.

What a blessing it is to have this form to help through the decision making for all our many projects.

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thx krayers. glad you like the kohler tub! I'm hoping to survive and change out my bathroom sinks next yr - I have my eye on 2 kohlers for that. of course, that's hoping the kohler faucet works out for me too!

this forum (and kitchens) sure are blessings. don't know where I'd be w/o them. I've learned more than I ever knew there was to know about redoing a kitchen or bath and I know I have barely scratched the surface in what there is to know about either.

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I know what you mean Steph. I wish I had known about these forums when we did our kitchen the first time. They probably didn't exist then though. lol

Are you doing all this yourself or getting some help from the bf?

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i'll be doing a lot of it myself. not changing out the sink or putting in a faucet tho - lol! I'll have to hire someone to do that for me and move the appliances around. I think I can put down some laminate flooring but it'll take me a long time. I guess I've got some of that tho.

I'll have the electrician come back to replace some light fixtures and check out why I don't have cold water inside. I do at the outside spigot. He'll probably have to replace my water heater too. maybe he'll try flushing it first. the water smells. He needs to replace the handle on my water pump and maybe hook up the dw.

bf will still do the outside work. He can't do a lot of things now because his balance is off. Things like getting down on the floor and under a sink would be very hard for him and he'd have a heck of a time getting back up. shoot, I do and I've got both of my feet!

He can't drive his big trucks anymore either so he has to hire someone to haul his equipment out here. Once out here he can manipulate the forklift and grader fine. He's finally found someone he trusts to drive the flatbed, is putting insurance on it and replacing a few tires.

Hopefully then I'll get a decent set of steps up into the new place (he has 'em I think). Or he might move one of the steps I have into this place. They are both way too heavy to move w/o the forklift.

I also faxed him a very long list of things that need done yet. typed it up, type size 12 (his eye aren't so good either) and i think it was double spaced - but very little margin top and bottom. Plus I scratched in a few more things by hand before i faxed it to him.

I'm also hoping I can get him to cut some of the laminate planks for me when he's out here. At least til I get comfortable doing it myself. So far I've been afraid to try it.

My sister used to have a young guy she knew do odd jobs for her and he did good work so I'm gonna call him and see if he wants to earn some extra money. He's probably in his early - mid 20s now - bought a house to the E of me the other yr so he's only a few miles away. He's a big guy so moving appliances around or lifting the sink won't be a problem for him. I just hope he wants work. my sister told me the other wk she thought he had a gf now so maybe he doesn't have any spare time.

puppy and I are spending the afternoons over there. She plays and i try to work (or nap in the a/c). She's a pest tho - all she wants to do is play! I can see that whatever flooring I put down won't look new very long... not the way she skids thru the house chasing her toy (that someone throws as far as she can to get a few seconds of peace).

I finally found my level today so I'm going to attempt to put up some shelves tomorrow. I moved the level and haven't been able to find it for wks. Hated the idea of buying another one... I'd already checked for studs and marked them so I hope it flies right along after I mark up the wall with a level line to drill the braces in.

I'm sure this is more than you really wanted to know - lol!

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No, I did want to know. I've been wondering how it was going for both of you. I'm sorry bf is having so many problems too. As I have been saying a lot lately, getting old is the pits.

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I'm glad I didn't bore you! yeah, getting old is the pits unless you think of the alternative... yesterday as I got down on the floor to pull the contact paper out of the bottom shelf of a cab it really hit home. It hurt getting down there, it hurt being down there and it hurt getting up from down there! and I have several more 'bottom' shelves to go - like the ones under the bathroom sinks. Will have to force myself.

When you're put in the position of deciding on where to cut off a limb / part and you've never done that before, it's gotta be horribly traumatic. He was of course, in terrible pain at the time and on drugs - not the time to make a decision that calls for clear thinking. They suggested it be removed at least above the ankle but he refused. Naturally - I would too! Instinct is to preserve yourself and your parts! No one explained to him why - or if they did his thinking wasn't clear, rational, he didn't believe them (or want to believe them).

He has been thinking about going back in to have more taken off. I've suggested that he find a support group (maybe military?) where he might find or be directed to others in the same situation and talk it out with them.

The area where the real foot ends and the fake part starts/attaches is often raw. It's a couple of inches in front of the ankle (front of it). It's a H of a place for the division. Every time his foot meets the ground it' s painful. It isn't something one knows in advance tho. One of his doctor's now tells him that if HE had to make that decision for himself he'd let them take it above the ankle. He's had at least 2 foot parts made up and numerous adjustments made to them - it hasn't helped much.

It just isn't something one ponders in advance of making that decision. He's about 70, has had numerous surgeries on this already, I'm not sure about another one.

I KNOW he lives in fear of falling in public and the struggle it'd be to get back on his 'feet'. or if he needed help to do that.

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That would be a bad place. I would hate to ever have to make that kind of decision. I'd want to hang on to as much as I could too.

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Steph, I know just what you mean about getting older & crawling under sinks. I did decide to try & install my faucet while dh was at work. Took me half a day & my back was killing me by the time I got it done but was too stubborn to quit. Probably wasn't one of my smartest days, but the things still in & running with no leaks!

I installed the wood flooring in my bedroom last Jan. Dh was about to have back surgery & was out of town. My son got me started with the first row & I was able to finish by myself. Took a long time, but wasn't really that hard. We put down cabin grade prefinished hickory engineered wood & that stuff wears like iron. Love it. Wasn't hard to cut on the chop saw & band saw, and I rented a staple gun to attach it to the subfloor. A little hard on the knees and back though. We had put laminate in the son's house earlier & it was pretty easy too. It has held up really well & so easy to keep clean.

Sorry to hear about your bf's foot. That must be really hard to recover from. Glad he's able to get about again. Have a friend who's daughter was born without a foot right above her ankle. She's done really well. Think where her artificial foot attaches (mid lower leg) makes it much easier for her to get around. She does have to get a replacement often as she grows. She's about 13 now.

Hope you have a good week. Sounds like you've still got lots to do. Take care of yourself!


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