I now have 6 or so holes on the south wall of my closet!

desertstephApril 30, 2012

I drilled 'em in! looking for more studs. I'd already found them on the back wall but forgot the side walls. I basically just drilled below the brackets higher up figuring those would be tied into studs. they were on the back wall and the north wall. not on the south wall tho! I found 1 stud but about 6 more holes later, no 2nd stud. yikes - it's only a span of about 20"! but surely there should be another one between the back wall and 20" out from it.

I guess I'll have to get one of those drywall anchor thingies to use for the 2nd screw then.

and put a dab of glue on those extra holes - they're tiny from the drill bit.

I got everything measured out and marked level and 1 back wall brace screwed in. Then I was tired. i'd already done some other things there - like scrubbing out and putting down shelf liner on the 2 bottom shelves of a bookcase.

and played 'catch' about 3,450 times... scrubbed up my coffee pot, the bathroom sink and counter top...

with it all measured out (and marked in pencil on the walls), the studs located (except the missing one) and holes drilled into the studs I should be able to finish it up tomorrow (minus 1 screw). Another day I'll do the closet in the NW bedroom. 1 full and 1 partial shelf to go in there yet and the store/craft room just needs an extra brace under the bottom shelf. I have a metal bracket to go under it. I might add that into my list for tomorrow.

the really high up shelves I'm not doing. I have the shelves and braces for 1 of those in each of my bdrm closets. I couldn't reach that high even on my step stool. those'll wait til someone tall and better at balancing can do it.

all the shelves are ready - primed and painted. I've got a number of boxes just waiting for a shelf to call home!

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Sounds like you need a stud finder too. lol

It's probably too late for you, but I saw the neatest trick for getting the hole placement right for things like picture frames and other things that have holes in them and you have to put the nails exactly that far apart. Put a piece of painter's tape on the back of the thing, punch in holes where the nails go, then take the tape off and put it on the wall. You can use a level to make sure it's straight, or line up the holes (or hole) on a stud and then put your nails in the holes of the tape.

It's good for me because I tend to put the nails in the wall, then have to move one of the nails, then hang the thing, only to find it's not level and I have to put more holes in the wall.

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I'm too old to BE a stud finder myself - lol!

I was gonna buy one of those but read the reviews on some and they didn't seem to be very good in finding them - unless a really expensive one. After yesterday I really should spend the money tho. I did good on guessing (using the brackets higher up) until that south wall!

I've seen that tape trick on tv somewhere and was hoping to remember it when it comes time to hang pictures.

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We've got a really cheapo stud finder and it works great.

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super! what brand is it? I don't mind buying a cheapie one, it'd sure be worth it.

I recounted the holes today...9 of 'em - lol! it's just so weird that there wasn't another one w/in 20" to the left of the one I did find.

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It's Stud Sensor Pro by Zircon. It's pretty old, maybe 20 years old, but apparently they still make it, or one similar.

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thx. I'll put it on my lowe's list. I looked online and they have them - several models of them! I also checked utube - looks so easy to use. my BIL's didn't seem to work that easily. Of course, I have no idea what brand/model he has.

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LOL Steph. Been there done that before. Five too many holes once to hang a three foot curtain rod straight??? Rolling my eyes. I should have backed away from that job. But it freaked me out so bad it took me two years to hang the curtain rods in our kitchen. I did not want a repeat. All went perfect and not one extra hole in three windows.

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I have the same stud finder too. it does work pretty good.

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thx for the thumbs up on it idie! I just gotta get to lowe's soon. planned on going last wk and didn't make it there. I'd sure better this wk!

I did manage to get the 2 lower shelves up in my bdrm closet today. it was rough going tho. It took about 5 1 x 2's to finish it. 3 tossed to the wayside with a screw stuck in 'em. couldn't get them to back out. will leave that for the 'strong man' to deal with. When I looked closer at them it seems they are from a harder wood. why didn't I pay attention to that when I bought them? ugh. i thought they all came from the same stack. i did have 2 of softer wood that I could get up on the back wall. One side of each ended up with just a partial support underneath. I'll change that out when I get 2 longer pieces to put in. I could have had them today if I weren't chicken to run the saw.

It looked really great to have those 2 shelves up in there. that gives me 16.5 ft of storage space (the floor and on each 5' plus shelf). I think I'll put a metal brace under both of them at about the middle point - just to be safe.

Tomorrow I'll double check what I'll need to finish up the shelves and make a new list - including a stud finder.

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I have to remember that tape thing! Thanks for the tip, marti!

I have been reorganizing, and this has been a huge undertaking--sometimes I wonder if I will ever get done. I wanted to take a little break and see what is going on in the GW world.

We have an el-cheapo stud finder, and it works fairly well. I cannot find the darn thing right now. Thankfully, I don't need it right now.

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