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barbara_nowDecember 11, 2006

Hi everybody! As a recent "drift away" from Garden Junk I decided we need to take an idea from there and also The Kitchen Table forum and start one here all about ourselves. Now that the "Discussion" side has started hopping we should get this side going, too. Some of the posts on here are years old! And I'll even start!

Hi, my name is Barbara, formerly known as PokeyDecatur on Garden Junk. I am one of those who left GJ almost two years along with a lot of the crowd. It took me a few months to realize that where I went was much, much worse than GJ and I came back! I live in Decatur, TX along with my DH of almost 32 yrs. and our youngest DD and her 3 yr. old son. She SWEARS she's only going to be here for a while and will be moving as soon as's been months and months already, though! Combined, DH and I have 5 kids and 9 grandkids. He's former military and has been retired for 25 years but we have moved more in those twenty five years than during those years we were married and in the Air Force. But we've been here for almost 12 years so I think we're here to stay. Besides doing mosiacs I also like using my scroll saw for cutting decorative shapes and painting them. Right now I'm really enjoying painting signs... both vintage and others. I've tried lots of crafts through the years but have mostly settled on these for now. Things could change at any moment, though! Oh, I also like gardening, too, until it gets so hot out in the Texas sun that I just give it up and quit and wait for cooler weather! Yep, I'm a wuss! Lol



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Hi Barb: I've updated "My Page" so won't go into the particulars, but I'm sooooooo glad the other side is clicking again. It'll be nice to chat on this side too. Thanks for starting this thread.

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I can't figure out how to update my page? is there an edit thingy somewhere?


I'm Candy, turned 40 this year, married 18 years with 2 DDs 9 and 5. Raised in NE Ohio, after college I migrated to Nantucket Island, MA where I met Dh. After having our 1st DD we needed a change and I found a job here in VA - well that didn't float my boat for long so I started my own biz - I'm a professional landscape gardener and it's all I've ever done since taking hort in high school. Dh is wonderfully supportive, selling his biz, our house and following me where ever I wanted to go. I moved an ocean boy to the mountains! lol

I stopped drawing for art's sake about 20 years ago, mostly just draw landscape designs now and figured I got my artistic thing from designing with plants. But just this year I feel blocked and uninspired. I've had several mosaic books on the shelves for years, always dreaming of trying it one day. Finding GJ and SG&M forums and seeing all these wonderful creations gave me the courage to jump in. Now I'm studying hypertufa and plan to do some sculpting (to mosaic). I want some columns like Rosemarythyme's. and bottles on rebar like flagtruck's... and and... LOL I'm not blocked anymore, just would rather play than design now...terrible. when can I retire? lol

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(wish we could edit these posts)
I was going to add a link, not for advertising - to share with you - my real work.

Here is a link that might be useful: my professional life

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When I click on my own MY Page, at the bottom it says "member pages" and there you can edit etc..


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At the top of the green page when you open go to Your Profile.

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This thread is the same as the one a few down that says "How Old are You?" Guess it doesn't matter - probably a whole lot of new people now. No time to read much right now - still making Christmas gifts.

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How awesome! I love these threads! I'm Jane, 43yrs old and re-married to DH for the last 1.5yr, We sold our places and bought a 4bdrm, 2bath, 1/2acre house together on the out skirts of town and I love it! I have worked my current job as a outreach worker for street addicts for 8yrs, go to Narcotics anonymous for the last 17yrs, have 2 grown kids, DD22, DS20, (DH not their bio dad) On BOD for our local Recycle program and have done tons of other volunteer work. Found this site and it changed my whole life for the absolute better!!! 2 Great friends from here that I adore!! Kozy and Klinger! Candy: I'm gonna do more hypertufa too! Jane

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