cajun_girl_1948December 29, 2006

Would anyone have patterns for sewing homemade purses. Tks.

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I have a Simplicity Crafts pattern 7098 from 1998 that makes a variety of styles, but have never taken it out of the envelope. A lady at Curves was making them before Christmas using football motif, and selling them like hot cakes. I did find this link but it is not free.
http://henriettashandbags.com/Craft_Ideas.html you might find something here is all else fails.
This must be a hard one to find.

Here is a link that might be useful: handbags

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I recall that someone posted some photos of a nice quilted handbag just before Christmas. I went back 5 pages on the quilting site and 6 on the sewing forum and cannot find it. I recall that someone asked about the pattern and there was no response. Perhaps you can find it if you have time to search. Photos were posted with the message.
If all else fails, I could mail you the pattern. If you return it, it is fine, and if not, well I am not sure I will ever use the pattern. We can talk about that if you would like to have it. It is Simplicity Crafts 7098. Have you checked the pattern books? Let me know what you find. This has style A through H in quilted body with hand and shoulder straps.

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Hi, I have made lots of purses and have directions in my computer. Let me know if you would like them snail mailed (I can't email them b/c I can't duplicate some of the drawings on the computer). Hopefully, you will be able to follow my directions; if not, please feel free to email or call me. If you go into the Sewing Gallery, under "2 Purses and a Book Cover", you'll see an example of one I made..it's the black purse. The other purse is a different pattern called the X-Bag that may be purchased from Four Corners Designs (I can't share those directions due to copyright issues).


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there are lots of free patterns for purses and totes on the internet, just go to your search engine, or google and type in free purse patterns, some will be for crochet, some sewing, below is a site I found, they sell patterns but also have free ones on this page, Rene

Here is a link that might be useful: purse patterns by henrietta

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Here is a free pattern to do a purse. its under free patterns. also do a search on free purse pattern. or purse pattern you will get some.

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