Faucet placement

EATREALFOODApril 18, 2012

Hi all

Desertsteph's post made me think of faucets.

I am putting in model PSX1103012(Bowl size 30 1/8"x18 1/8"x11 7/16") sink with faucet filter, pull down faucet & soap dispenser.

Assuming a 1" counter overhang(I think standard is 3/4-1" for Inset cabinets)and 3" counter space in front of sink will I have comfortable room at the back of the sink ? I should deduct the bowl size from 22" right ?

I chose a very large sink for a small kitchen b/c I think you can always make it smaller(with plastic dishpans) but you can't make it larger. It was a backlash against my smaller cheap over mount and washing everything on an angle. Water water everywhere...

Isn't it nice to question almost every decision ?

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet link

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I just read on kitchens overhangs are usually about 1.25"

allowing that as a bonus for the front...

deduct your 18 1/8 from the cabinet 24 - 5 7/8"

so, you could have a good amt front and back.

will the faucet go on a lip that is part of the sink? or direct into counter top behind the sink?

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Hi desert
Is that 1.25" for Inset cabs also ? I'm going to recheck that. Faucet goes directly into counter.

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then you need to check the installation documents for your faucet. It will show you how much space is needed for the width of your sink. (width = front to back).

add that to the width of the sink and see what is left over of the 24" counter space. then add the 1.25 over hang to that and it will be what you have for the front edge.

you might pop over to kitchens and look for that thread. it should be on p1 still.

I don't know about inset cabs being different. I've never checked out inset cabs.

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