Silly Rebar Trees---Shades of Idaho?

MoccasinMarch 31, 2010

Shades, in one thread you were mentioning "silly rebar trees" and I'd like to know all about them.

You were using them to drape some shadecloth, along with the Christmas light hooks at your eaves.

But I'm asking about how you built/made the rebar trees.

I think they would look great as the skeleton for vines.

How do you have them secured in the ground? Did you weld them together? Please...dimensions in general, not necessarily specifically.


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I do not really have dimensions. I have a work mate I think it is called work bench. Splits in the center and cranks together. This made it really easy for me to make the rebar trees.

For about 8 foot tall tree. Take 20 foot rebar and bend it in the center as close as you can but not critical. I used the vice action of the work mate table to do this and I can not remember what I held the table in place with.

Then measure down say 6 foot and make another bend to center for the bottom edge of the tree. Think stick drawing of pine tree. Do the same for other side.

Then bend then again for trunk. I nicely asked hubby to weld a bar across between the two bottom pieces so I could use my foot to push the ends into the ground. Not necessary as some have broken and they are still fine. I also used a T post drove into the ground to hold them up.

I used chimney wire to go side to side and took one wrap around the T post. in a couple of places. for Support.

They make wonderful bases for vines. I hope to get morning glories growing up mine for the summer. Instant sculpture.

You can see the bottom of one tree in this photo. I spray painted it white and if you look at the first 0 past the 2 on 2000 you can just barely see the cross wire wrapped around the T post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebar Tree

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Shades, I visited your link and the other photos in your garden album. Are those arches holding up your morning glories also rebar? Most likely I need to get a work table like yours.

When you say you bend the rebar in the middle, to what sort of angle? and then what sort of angle at 6 feet? I'm thinking 90 degrees for the middle one, but might be way off. Is this going to be shaped like a Christmas tree?

BTW, have you ever tried planting moonflower vines? They are huge white blossoms which open at night, and I think they are a member of the ipomea or morning glory family.
You can buy one packet of seeds this year, and by the time they set seeds in late fall, you will have enough to cover your whole house next year!

Your wrought iron patio table and chairs look very similar to ours. The spring rocker chairs are so comfy. Love the curtains around your porch. Like your ideas.

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Gads I am not sure of angles. You can bend them around anything. I used the tow hitch on the truck once to straighten fence posts you would do the same with the rebar. All you need is something to hold one end so you can play super woman and bend steel. It is not all that hard.

You do not really need to be accurate. Just in half then spread the long pieces a little then bend them in again to the center then bend again for down trunk. Just whatever your eye likes,

I would even consider other shapes and just might do that this year. A great big spiral would be fun.

I plan on trying that moon flower. I have heard they smell really good too.

Thanks Chris

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Shades, the secret with moonflower seeds, which are HARD, is to "scarify" them. I nick them once with a knife ("scar" them) and then soak overnight in normal temp water. That makes them germinate quickly.

I was trying to make a rebar arch two years ago, above my Blessed Virgin statue. I had a climbing hydrangea to train which would cover the archway. But the rebar, almost 1/2" diameter, was not as easily bent as I thought it would be. So the long bars are behind the garden shed up north.

You have lots of space, so I offer up this idea which I saw in some gardening magazine. Sort of like an igloo frame, not a teepee (which is pointed)...the guy built a rounded over rebar structure like a dome. Cannot recall the diameter of it, but it was meant to be a shade house, like maybe 10' across, maybe less, because he used one long rebar like cutting a pie all the way across, then he crossed them in the center and tied or welded the center point together. I think inserting the free ends in buried lengths of PVC pipe or galvanized pipe would work nicely. Can you imagine covering this with your vines? Something like your morning glories or passion vines or honeysuckle or thornless roses? Or clematis. It would make a neat playhouse. Put down pine straw or other bark mulch for the floor.

I am a real fan of rebar!! Thanks for bringing this topic back to mind. Love it.

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I do not think my rebar is even close to half inch. YIKES that is heavy duty stuff.

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