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nanatriciaNovember 18, 2009

I got a email from Slow

Left last Wednesday for Louisiana to help my bro build cages for his game roosters that he has in cardboard boxes on his porches. His surrounded w/five ft. of water. He lives in Columbia, LA. His back yard is a slough off the Ouachita River at flood stage. His house is up on eight-ft. pillars. I parked the Jeep downtown, about two blocks from the boat dock. He picked me up, and whizzed me down the raging river to his front porch, where I climbed out of his speed boat, and went directly to work. I cut fencing wire the first day and a half until my hands finally gave up. The next three days I flattened w/a mallet the sheets he'd snipped, and then he built the cages. We got about 50 cages built in those five days I was there. He can put the game roosters into the cages now and wait until the water recedes and he can get the roosters back into their ground cages. The hens can share cages, but the roosters w/fight if they see each other, so have to be separated and surrounded w/shields. It's all too complicated to explain, but it was quite an experience. His electrical box was under water, so the city had to cut his electricity. He runs his generator about an hr. in the mornings, and about two/three hrs. at night. The phone was out too, so he bought a cell phone. He's on DSL, so w/o phone, there was no t.v. or internet. He has a large butane gas tank, and if he hadn't gotten it tied down, it was floating away. Not sure how much gas is still in it, nor how much longer it w/be b/f the truck can come deliver gas, so cooking is scant, but we managed. I heated water on the stove to take to the shower to soap and pour for a bath. Cold water to wash dishes and laundry, a space heater while the generator was on - it was warm until yesterday when things got colder. I was packed and ready to come home yesterday morning, when it started to rain. Thought for sure I was marooned another day, but there was a slight break and we jumped into the boat and sped away to the dock in town - 2 1/2 miles away. By the time we got half-way, it started to really rain. I grabbed my bag, hat, weekender suitcase, jumped out onto the dock, and waved him away, hoping the rain wouldn't damage his boat too much. It was in the low 60s, and I got soaked. The ride was cold but exciting. Four hrs later I was back home. Could have stayed longer, but Toby's boarding bill was mounting ($106.00). Today I have been in limbo, doing piddly stuff - laundry, watching the food network, wondering how he's managing, and trying to get back to life here. The water is receding slowly, and I know that within a week he'll have electricity, but there are so many other things that he has to deal with in the lifestyle he has chosen. I have tons of stuff to do here cuz my daughter from Kansas arrives by train next Monday, and we are going back to my bro's next Wed. to cook T-Day dinner for him and stay a few days. W/have to cook it all here to save his butane. Lordy, I have so much to do I don't know where to start. Trying to get my supply list in order for my trip to PV in Jan., plus have a few mosaicing commissions staring me in the face. Life is BUSY. No time to play lately. I read the forum today, but no time to respond to everything. Say hello to everyone for me. Love you and miss the forum.

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Thanks Nana for sharing this.
Slow ~ Will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Be sure you take care of yourself in the midst of taking care of everyone else. Love and miss you too! ~ Ann

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Nana, thanks for this posting from me as well!

Slow, I'm sorry your brother is having to go through all of this, but he sure got excellent help from you. Did he know you know how to cut wire? I can't even imagine what you all experienced though. Take care there, girl. You've had a tough few months here. Don't over do if you have any choice. Be careful of wearing yourself out. Thinking of you....Daisy

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Well if this isn't cute. Thanks, NANA. Thanks for y'all's concern, but my bro is used to this lifestyle, and it's just a minor inconvenience to him. When I'd talked to him the night b/f I left, and told him he needed my help, he said "there's not much you can do". Believe me, he was sorry he said that cuz I rubbed it in every chance I got. He thanked me profusely when I left. I told him no thanks were necessary - it was just another square on my Quilt of Life. Worked in my yard all day yesterday, continuing to clean the fence beds of weeds, cleaned both fountains, brought all the plants in for winter. Now need to clean house and get ready for company, cooking and running again. Life - the work never stops, does it? W/get caught up on the forum when I get back. My neighbor told me yesterday the El Nino w/probably bring ice storms back to our area, so gotta stock up on food/water when I get back and get prepared for a hard winter. Grroooooaaaaan.

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Holey Moley!!I don't post on this forum much anymore, most of the old mosaicers have left for the other site. But I do check in now and then to see what everyone is doing. I especially miss you Slow, you have been here right from the beginning. When I read this story about you and your bro I just couldn't believe it! Columbia LA seems like another world to me, with houses on 8 ft pillars, and you having to take a boat to his house!! What an amazing story! I could have just kept reading, like it was this wonderful novel! When you said "I grabbed my bag, hat, weekender suitcase, jumped out onto the dock, and waved him away" I COULD PICTURE the scene, you looking like Katherine Hepburn, in the rain, "it was cold but exciting"
You should write a book!! your life is so interesting and full!! I don't even know you, but I've seen your picture, seen pics of inside and outside your house, watched you create the MOST wonderful art, been reading your posts for years....just love the Texas accent, have never heard you talk but I can hear it in your posts! Lil Heffer! cracks me up! I remember once you said, when you were goin out dancin, "in Texas we wear pearls with jeans" LOVED that!
So, Just wanted you to know how much I loved that story, hope your bro is ok, hope you are ok. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
And thanks Nana, for passing this on to us, I just can't say how much I LOVED the story!

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Thanks for posting and keeping us informed!!! Wow U have been busy Slow...I know exactly what U are talking about. I lived in Bethel, Alaska for 27 yrs and it flooded darn near every year. Some worse than others. But we used to have to go grocery shopping by boat for about a week or so if there was and ice jam!!!! And after awhile you just go w/the flow cause not much else you can do....yeah life is funny ....I've been in limbo while hubby is stableizing our floor. It was a little too wobbly after the last earthquake so he went to welding and fabricating...neary a movement now!!!! You take care of yourself and don't over do...Have a nice Thanksgiving all!!!

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I saw this pioneer for myself yesterday and she is none the worse for wear. She did great and had a great time, in fact so much she is going back next week for Thanksgiving. She is a trooper for sure.

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I really DID enjoy the experience. Bro called today to say his phone is back on and he is expecting to have electricity tomorrow. Water down over a foot, but we'll still boat in and up to the doorsteps - about 14 steps. He is about 6'3", and it's up to his behind - down from his waist last week. Can hardly wait to get back w/DD, who is coming in tomorrow morn. Two days of cooking and off we'll go. W/warm everything on his big gas grill, and deep fry the turkey. Thank you SQUIRRELLY, and everyone for your interest. W/try to take some pictures this trip. Love y'all.

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I am so sorry to get in on the tail end of this!
Glad everything is ok Slow, and Nana you are so sweet to post for everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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