foot pedal not moving needle

somaeNovember 8, 2013

We have a Brother Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine Refurbished LS2250PRW. I was trying to sew on a button and was turning the hand wheel to do it. I felt a slight resistance and then heard a sound. Afterwards, the foot pedal no longer made the needle move although I could hear the motor spinning. The hand wheel still makes the needle move.

I tried to take the machine apart but didn't succeed. Anyone know of a service manual or a way to fix it?

Help appreciated.

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Here's theuir help website:

And there is a link to the manuals.

It sounds like you broke the gear that feeds power from the motor drive to the needle's gears. It's currently selling for $54 on ... it might not be worth the time it would take to fix.


HINT: Do not sew buttons on by machine, even though they say you can do it.

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I didn't see a service/repair manual on the brothers site (only a user's manual and a quick reference guide.)

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Make sure you have not engaged the bobbin winder accidentally. If that's not the issue, I agree with lazygardens, not worth fixing.

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I still would like to open it up and look. Anyone know where I can get a service manual?

I tried disassembling and took out all the screws I could find for the case but it still wouldn't open.

The gear broke with practically no pressure - the needle wasn't hitting against the button when the gear broke and when I was lining up the button, I made sure that I didn't put any pressure on the hand wheel when it did hit the button.

It seems like it's a bad idea to use the hand wheel for anything?

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There may be a clip that you depress with the screwdriver tip to release the case. Check out for others who have had this problem or asking about service manual. Check this site to see if they have a free service manual. Other sites might have for a fee--do a search for the model/service manual. LUCK!

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Hi somae,

It might be possible you didn't break it, merely disengaged the needle. Some sewing machines have a function where turning the handwheel a certain way disconnects the drive to the needle. It is used when you rewind a bobbin, for example. On the machine I have, turning the wheel tighter makes the needle reengage. Hope that is helpful.

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I have a brother Sewing machine an the speed controller ( Foot Padel) is not working . I plugged in the machine last night an when i press the foot control , i didnt get any or lil moment . Presantly its not working when i press on it. I need help Plz . thanks

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jamiethema===does your machine have a push button on the front near the needle where you can run the machine with foot pedal disconnected? If not, you might try removing the cover of the pedal to see if it needs cleaning inside.

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Is this an old machine, or a new one?

If this is an old machine, what may be happening is that the carbon brushes in your motor may need to be replaced. When the carbon brushes get worn down , they do not make good electrical contact and your motor may run slow, start and stop, or just quit running at all. I have a Bernina that is currently useless because the carbon brushes kept getting eaten up for some reason. I have quit replacing them and just use another machine.

Otherwise, your foot pedal also has some electrical connections in it that go bad. There are electrical resistors that work to control the speed of the motor by controlling the power to it. Foot pedals are relatively inexpensive.

And, of course the next thing to expect is that the wheel is not engaged because it is loosened for bobbin winding, or a broken belt.

Unless you have been trying to sew through some super tough stuff, I seriously doubt that the gear is broken. It is possible, but unlikely.

I don't believe that you indicated whether the motor was running, or just that the gears are not working. If your motor is not running, nothing is going to turn. You can hear if your motor is running, or not. If the motor is not running, you have an electrical problem.

If the motor is running and nothing is turning, you have a mechanical problem.

My guess is that it is electrical. What you described is just what I would experience when my Bernina was running, or not, on worn carbon brushes. When this happened I would notice a build up of black dust coming out of the motor casing.

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Sorry, you did say that the motor was running. My mistake. I think that I was reading the poster above about their machine not running.

It is mechanical then. Did you check the belt that turns the wheel? If the wheel moves the needle, then there is a disconnect between the wheel and the motor. Most machines are belt driven. I have an old Singer Rocketeer that is a direct drive. THAT is a strong machine and very nice running. Machine belts do break.

By the way, jamie, I think that I may have answered YOUR questions.

Sorry, somae. Good luck. But, I mean that about carbon brushes. It is amazing that there is not more discussion about them on sewing machine forums. Other small appliances use them , as well, such as fans and vacuums. They are sold in sewing machine repair and parts services. They are not actually a brush. Rather they are rectangular shaped cubes of what looks like pencil lead. There are two of them in a motor.

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thanks guys but there was a short inside the foot pedal an i got it fix.

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