Demo - cabinet re-use - remove shelves?

seosmpMay 5, 2013


I'm giving my cabinets to a friend to use as a second kitchen area.

I am removing all the doors myself just to keep everything coordinated (I numbered everything). The contractor will remove the actual cabinets.

There are center stiles in these cabinets. The shelves are held in place by plastic things above the shelf, in addition to the plastic things the shelf rests on.

Now what I'm wondering is whether I can leave the shelves in there and he can take them down with the shelves in place? They are in there pretty good. Or do I need to remove the plastic things on each shelf and remove them (e.g. due to weight)?


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As long at the shelves won't flop around while being moved about, I'd leave them. Less likely to misplace the shelf pegs or damage the shelves that way.

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I took down my cabinets last weekend. Shelves that were adjustable and just resting on pegs (so the just lift right out) I removed, as well as the pegs so they didnt get lost. The shelves that were firmly held in place I left in while removing.

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If they're screwed in, I'd leave them. If just resting on the plastic things... take them out.

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Thanks, all!

The shelves are not screwed in, and they are not just resting on pegs.

They are resting on pegs, and then there are 4 plastic pieces that are on top of each shelf that hold it in place (so plastic pieces on top and bottom).

So, I will just leave them in and hope for the best!

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You might want to put the pegs in a plastic bag and tape them to the inside of the cabinet.

I've also found, used cabinet Queen that I am, that despite cabinets being ... exactly alike, they're sometimes not. I'd also label the shelves as to which cabinet they belong.

I'm tearing my kitchen apart again.

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