Beadboard Wallpaper Same Product from both sources

MoccasinMarch 18, 2010

Ok, somewhere I promised to let you know if the beadboard wallpaper manufactured in the UK by Graham & Brown was the same product if ordered from either Home Depot or from Southern Hospitality, both online sources.

Yes, it is the same product. The same amount is on the roll. Home Depot sells one item 11 yds x 20.5" and calls it a "roll" and sells it for around $25. US.

Southern Hospitality sells the same product for about $25 also, but they call it a double roll or a "bolt" but it has the same label and the same 11 yds x 20.5" dimensions.

Both labels are exactly the same. Of course the pattern number (15274) is the same. What I find interesting is that the LOT number is also the same.....#001.

Sorry I cannot find the thread where the use of this heavy textured paper on cabinet doors and on wainscoting and in the back of cabinets was being discussed.

At this writing, I am anticipating adding it to the shed style ceiling of my recently redone enclosed backporch. Although the whole roof may come off later, at least I will get the practice in a noncritical application of the product.

We already have beadboard ceilings on the side porch (now an enclosed sunroom) and on the covered front stoop. I'm partial to the look. If it sticks good, I may just cover the trap door of the pull-down attic steps in the hallway between the two bedrooms.

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ML That information is good to know. Thanks for your research. The only time I did something with wall paper it was the pre-pasted type. Since I was doing the inside of a trunk I really wanted it to stick. I also used the wall paper glue just to be good and sure it was stuck down. Loretta would be the one to ask how well it sticks with it's already pre-paste backing.

Have fun with this. I got in a hurry in my sewing room to get it done but I can always go back and add the paper bead board as wainscot later.


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Here's the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Beadboard wallpaper post

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I really am curious to find out how hard it will be for you to paper the ceiling. Seems like it might be a 2 person job because your arms would get tired trying to get it into position. If you have success, then I might try the ceiling of my porch also. Good luck!

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I'll let you know, Idie, because the direction I will go with the paper is not the long dimension of the room, but the short one. There is a seam down the middle of it, sort of like a board/batten ceiling. I can probably deal with 20.5" width x 3.5' length wet pieces.

Did you have to add any paste to your cabinet door job?
Or just use the prepasted amount alone?

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...and thanks, Wantto.
I revisited that discussion and left a link there back to this discussion. :)

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Here is a helpful article showing how to use beadboard wallpaper.

I just used this product to cover old, damaged, ugly paneling in our back entry hall. It went up so easily and held just fine with the prepasted backing. Just make sure to "book" the wet paper for 5 minutes as per instructions. I painted the paper with white interior/exterior paint for durability in a high-traffic area.

It looks great---just like wooden beadboard.

Step-by-step directions with pictures:

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Thanks for that link. I have Southern Hospitality blog in my links, but my memory is not the best. So now I have printed out the 28 PAGES of the writeup. I can find THAT for sure.

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I did just like Paula did. It did not need any other glue. And once it is painted, it is on for good! I'm going to put it on my linen closet door also.

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Had to dig for this one.

Just wanted to add I was at home depot and found some of this paper in the Tin ceiling look.Was the same length and width roll as the bead board and I think it was 12.99.

Was pretty.


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Wow, I'll have to look for some, just for the heck of it.
That price of $12.99 is excellent. The beadboard, from both places, was around $25.00.....and I thought that was good.

Do you think the tin ceiling design could be applied in any other location besides a ceiling? Is it shiny? Or is it also unfinished?

If unfinished, and it is fairly small squares, it would give a less linear striped look to a ceiling. I think it would work nicely where there were no interruptions in the ceiling, like an attic stair coming down. I'm thinking of applying the beadboard to the back cover panel of my attic steps, which is framed by wood molding. I do love the beadboard.

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It was the same width as the beadboard rolls. I think it was two squares across so it could be cut. My thought for it was to paper the inside of my cabinets since they are still the ugly fake wood. BUT yesterday I found a pile of vintage tin trays and set them on edge in the cabinets I look into all the time and it works for me. Not going to bother with it.

The squares are just like the beadboard.. Unfinished. Would need painting.


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Rhoda has another wallpaper project on her blog, and I'm placing the link below. It is using the beadboard as wainscoting in a toilet room. Did the project in one day.

There is another project she called the wallpaper party, and I'll just throw it in right here in case someone missed it.

There are some products SIMILAR to the one she uses, but she does not recommend them as realistic looking. I can also attest that this paper, made to be painted, looks like the real thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beadboard wallpaper in masterbath

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Hi, to all of you! It's Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality & I'm so happy to see this post & the other one talking about the beadboard wallpaper. I loved it SO much, I added it to my online shop, so thank you Moccasinlanding for mentioning my blog & shop! I so appreciate any of you who have ordered from me. It's been my biggest seller and I can't say enough good things about the product.

I'm so happy that so many of you have used it successfully too. Please feel free to come on over to my blog & browse the beadboard projects! I've been thrilled with everything I've done with it.

I love the kitchen cabinets that I saw in the other post too, great way to update a kitchen.

And yes, as mentioned, I've seen some other versions of beadboard wallpaper, but the Graham Brown UK version that I have in my shop is the BEST! No comparison at all. The others don't look real and this one does. I'll add a link to my shop too. Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beadboard wallpaper

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Great to see you drop in, Rhoda. Your blog, and that of Debra Prinzing, are my two favorite home blogs. Both of you write very well.

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That's good to know Rhoda. I told my dd she should do that in her new house.

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