any use for old ragged clothes?

jollyrdNovember 25, 2012

I have various clothes items that look too bad to go to Goodwill, but I just feel bad throwing them away. I am talking jeans and tshirts that I don't fit in and that I used when house painting. Or PJs that are well used.

Pet shelters don't want them.

Is there any good use for these? I was joking with idea of stuffing them in pillows, but I doubt it will feel comfortable.

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Make rag rugs with them?

Cut out the good parts and make patchwork?

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Glue sequins on and sell them as "upcycled" on Etsy for $150?

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I keep a few old pairs of jeans to use for patching work-around-the-house jeans(and fishing jeans)and old shirts are cut up and put into a rag bag for household cleaning and for cutting into strips to tie up tomato plants.

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I always cut up cotton clothes and put in the linen closet. They're great rags esp for messy jobs, we can just toss them after 1 use.

DH tried to grab a handful of brand-new microfiber cloths to clean up paint spills the other day, I replaced w/some old tees rags.

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Jeans make good braided rugs, & I once saw the cutest placemats made out of braided denim strips.

There's always somebody wanting to make a blue jean quilt, so you can put them on freecycle or let a quilting group know about them;
these days, a lot of groups are making quilts for returning veterans, so you might try to find such a group.

(I'd call the newspaper;
somebody at the newspaper always knows about those kinds of projects!)

I agree;
old cotton clothes make the best rags!

& check with charity & thrift shops;
many of them have contracts or agreements with companies that re-cycle fabric.

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I appreciate the comments but -- these old jeans have various colors of paint stains all over them

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Jeans quilts are a great idea too.

Jollyrd, you may have to pitch them. But if you have to, keep in mind, you've gotten your moneys worth out of them & aren't being wasteful, which it seems you're trying to avoid. I applaud your efforts on that!

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Oh, please! Just throw them out! The paint stains make them useless as rags - too stiff.

You have used them, used them well, and seriously used them up. They're done.

Let them go.

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Even with the paint stains, they can make adequate cleaning rags for tough jobs. Use them for cleaning up paint spi8lls and paint brushes?

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I would use them for 'decorative' patching/appliques on other worn jeans.

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