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sisterwomanJanuary 15, 2014

I married my husband after dating for 2 yrs. he had kids, which are now very resentful teenagers. He was divorced fore two yrs. when I met him.
He did not want to buy me a wedding ring when we married, and stated I could wear his grandmother's ring, with the intention if the marriage dissolved in divorce, I would return the ring.
The teen age step kids now 13/15/17 say very hurtful mean things, one being wisecracks about me wearing the ring which really belongs to them.
I recently just took the ring off and stopped wearing at all, since I have discovered my husband is just too cheap, in the first place.
I have since found out that my husband does not support my position in the family by demanding his children respect me. I have been cursed at, and remain the focus of their mean sneaky tricks, destroying my belongings.
Now, I read on the internet other step folks who are amidst the same misery, only to find out I never should have dated anyone with kids. My children are grown and self supporting, and do not interfere.
I now am experiencing why the first wife divorced him. My husband is one of those people who should can live alone, and is use to being alone, and still conducts his life like he is alone. I mean he calls it "me time," lots of me time, from Sunday all day news programs, to coming to bed at 1:00 am in the morning. I try to stay in awake until 10:-10:30 pm, but he does not get the point, even when I ask him to compromise.
I feel very alone.

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So, why are you still there? Leave him the rings and his kids and make your own life in a happier place.
Jeez, just read your other posts. Girl, I'll say it again, why are you still there? In your shoes I'd be off like a bride's nightie and you wouldn't see me for dust. Your husband sounds like a complete a$$hole who certainly does not have your back. Drops you off at the door of the hospital so he can take his cat to the vet? Seriously???? And getting his ex to pick you up because "he's busy"? Beyond belief.
Pack up your stuff, ship it to your daughter's and have a good rest before deciding how you want to spend the rest of your life. Alone is better than being treated as poorly as you are by people who are _supposed_ to be on your side (and clearly aren't).

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Uhmm, yeah what she ^^^^^^ said.

It's amazing how many people put up with so much awful treatment in life..then take the time to search out resources like this to complain about it. Most of them probably never change a thing, unfortunately....

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In response to those who gave sincere resourceful advice, thank you.
To the others who think I am searching out griping blog resources, you are not someone who lost their job in November 2012, had multiple surgeries, and a long recover, and your age is not 65 years old! At 65, you just do not fly out the door, it takes money, and other resources to move 4 states away. I am aware my present situation needs to be ditched, and I underwent counseling alone while I was still working only to come to the same conclusion. You have no idea how difficult it is to become re-employed at 65 years old. No, I did not want to see my job go to reduction in workforce elimination. I have spent much time, energy attempting to find new work. I have taken online classes since last August of 2013, and started looking when I came out of the body brace. I am trying to overcome my own obstacles.

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I am sorry you are having all of those problems. Call a women's crisis center they have options you may not know about. You are surely getting Soc Sec being 65, a crisis center may help you get in hud housing or Catholic charities, they placed my son in a brand new apartment complex for $100 a month with utilities paid. There are resources out there to help people like you.

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