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writersblockMarch 27, 2013


You did a wonderful job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raise the roof

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I remember when it was just happening...now look how gorgeous it is. Congratulations...

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Oh my goodness. That's amazing!

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writersblock: thank you for posting this


I like your post about the bathroom counters(pay for a slab but you don't get to use the rest in the kitchen, huh ?)

I didn't know you had a blog--you must tell us here on small homes if you post anything that you think we would like to read...

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I remember this roof raising, too but darned if I can say where I saw it. Cheers to my fellow Wisconsinite!!

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congrats wi-sailorgirl!!
your home is beautiful !!

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Awwww ... thanks you guys! I about spit out my water when I saw my house there. I had sent them the pictures several months ago but I never heard anything from them. And all the comments people left were so sweet. I was pretty shocked ... usually you get a few nasty bits in there.

and ERF ... thanks for nudging me to swing by the land of the sane (i.e. smaller homes)!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Great job!

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