Kids and pumpkins

sunshine_funshineOctober 5, 2007

Here they are painting their pumpkins. The kids planted, tended and harvested these pumpkins with a little help from mom and dad. They are very proud. I put them outside with some paint and brushes and said "go at it." DD got lots of paint on her body, but I think there's still more on the pumpkin. DS painted three of them. There are several more to carve later on. They had a good time. It was 85 degrees that day too. DS sold three pumpkins to his aunt-for $20! One of them was 40 lbs!

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Oh SF!! They look like they're having the time of their lives! They even planted them? How cool is that?
This will be a great memory for them.

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we love pumpkin carving here, just waiting for cooler weather or they won't last to Halloween.

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Thanks guys!

Yes, I've had to confiscate a few butter knives that they thought would be sharp enough to carve the pumpkins. They liked painting them pretty well. They paint something almost everyday, so I figured it might as well be some of the stack of pumpkins we have.

Halloween is also DH's birthday so it's a BIG deal around here. Both kids decorate their rooms with orange and purple lights and that danged black tinsle that I DO NOT LIKE 'cause it's all over the house! But, I keep my mouth shut and let them do whatever they want. This is all stuff that I wish I had had the opportunity to do when I was a kid. Creativity is really important to DH and I, so we try to inspire that in our kids too. DS has it in his blood. DD-well we don't know what she has in her blood yet. LOL!!

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