Got an offer on our house!

aniceeMarch 2, 2010


I posted back in November...I had my mind and heart set on a house but because our house here was not sold I couldn't make an offer. I had posted a lot of pics of that house and received lovely comments from you.

We have just recently accepted an offer. There are some conditions but it's looking good. The market being as it is...we will be getting less and because I'm moving alone with my animals, I am looking for a 'modest' house. My real estate agent sent me this house because she knows it is in my price range. There's work to be done in the house but nothing major. I love the look, always have like that style but is it practical?. There is a lot of snow in winter there where I am moving so a roof like this is ideal but inside those walls do take a lot of space and as far as decoration goes you are very limited. If the house sells I might go ahead and make an offer on this house. My question is...the fact that my mortgage would be low would probably make for the lack of space inside or would it? Should I get a bigger mortgage and have "normal" walls? The idea of having a small mortgage is very appealing. I know it's strictly personal but I wonder if I would be able to make a perfect nest for myself and my animals in a house like this. It has a lovely yard..

I search the web for how to decorate Swiss style house and couldn't find anything.

Here are some outside shots...

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I don't know if it's practical, but it sure is cute!

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It is cute - how many square feet? If you search on A-frame house, you may have more luck.

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Your's has more of Hansel and Gretl feel, but there are lots of contemporary style A-frames too - if that appeals.

Here is a link that might be useful: modern a-frame

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You said it it is a very personal decision.

I think a person can make any space wonderful for them. I certainly can see the decorating problems with all the slanted walls. But is it really decorating that is important or a comfortable space to live. If you can get the furniture in you need to be comfortable I would JUMP on this house. It is so cute!!! I know we have not seen the insides. Have you been inside yet? Guess that is the important question. Sometimes houses are dream houses from the outside and impossible inside.

For myself, since hubby could care less, I have decorated much less in our smaller houses. Given lots away.

Hoping you have more pictures. Pretty please????


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I LOVE that house. Do you have any links to the interior views?

I have always dreamed of having bookshelves all the way up one side of the A-frame with a tall library ladder to access them.

Love the 3 stories!

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How wonderful you have an offer. I have been thinking of you since seeing the last little cottage.

I googled A-Frame images and came up with some good info.
Mainly that they were originally designed by Geller who is still a current well known architect.

There are a number of followings for this style and interesting that they consider the design green living for it's use of environmental summer/winter needs. Your choice would be right in style for historical homes.

I looked at an A frame when started to buy. It was situated in a forest environment as yours. There were some problems which wouldn't work for me, but the interior and location had many possibilities. The home had cedar interior walls and window frames...smokers and had no idea how to eliminate this with all the wood. Plus a master without a tub, I'm a bath girl. No room to change this.

Your options for art or wall interests can be easily added by putting up shelves. They don't need to be very wide. A couch against an angled wall works well with a shelf behind it for storage etc. Even window seats could be added for storage. I think you have great possibilities for the interior. Is there a basement too?

The link below has a few ideas. Check out the price of this home....! It must be quite large, plus straight walls.
As for a mortgage, etc. I'm on the fence with this. I bought my current home with a very small mortgage. It helps with tax deductions. Unfortionately a majority of equity is sitting in it also. With the economy I could really use the equity, but am retired and no possibility to get the investment out of it or think of buying another home. Years ago I told myself to hide my dollars under the mattress, little did I know that this could have been an excellant decision considering the times of today. Tongue in cheek somewhat. Perhaps talk to a financial planner, not a broker who would love to use whatever you would put into the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: A-frame

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Thank you for your replies:
GWBR54: thanks for the link. The house is 864sf.

Chris: No pictures of the inside yet

Emagineer: Thank you for all the information and yes there's a basement size of 23 X 23 not finished but ready to be and you have an access to outside which is great when you have dogs. Thank you for the link..that house in Whistler at 699,000...price is totally outrageous and they say it"s 1154sf...but your could build or add on up to 2651 sf.
If the sale happens (will know next week) I have the chance this time to keep some money as liquidity which I didn't do last time, so I learned my lesson.


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That house is adorable!

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I think it is delightful looking.
A question concerning the roof. What is it made of, and how old is it?

If that needs replacing any time soon, my word that would be a hell of a job to do AND to pay for. When was the roof put on, and when was the house built? I'm assuming that it does not have attic space but is probably insulated and then the interior is covered with boards? Something like beadboard? Is it a natural wood, or painted wood? And is the upper living portion like a loft, or is it a total floor with no open space to the main floor? Can you get to the basement from INSIDE THE HOUSE?
What kind of heating system does it have? Is there propane gas for cooking and water heating? Out in the woods, do you have well water or city water? If the power goes off, do you have a way to get water to flush your toilet?

I really like this house. Find out why the people want to sell it. Don't fall so deeply in love with this house that you lose track of your own well being. And find out what homeowner's insurance costs for it as your primary residence.

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Thank you Moccassinlanding...all good points you are bringing here. I am so much looking forward to move on with my life, I must be careful not to burn bridges and we just found out this morning that the people who wanted to buy our house are not able to get some financing. They asked us if we could reduce the price...but it's not an option because we have already reduced the price and cannot go much lower.

I should just stay put and breathe for will sell eventually...I have to try to believe it myself.

Thank you!


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Oh, Anicee, how disappointed you must feel. You are right to keep a positive attitude. It will come, and this too shall pass. Keep in touch with the folks selling the gingerbread A frame h0use. It might not sell quickly either, and could be available at a reduced price. Sort of domino effect all around the country.

We have two waterfront lots still for sale because the insuranc companies are refusing to write homeowners policies in our area for waterfront. And every mortgage does require that insurance before they will finance a h0me.
Bummer all over the country.

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Anicee- I think you're being very wise to look for a home with a smaller mortgage. Whatever house you decide to make an offer on, I'm sure you're planning to have a home inspection. I know a few people who didn't, back when the market was booming, and now wish they had found out about the problems before buying the house.

I think your property will sell soon. Whenever it does, I believe the right house will be waiting for you. When you're patient and wait for things to work out, they usually least with houses :)

This little house is very charming, but there are a lot of stairs, which can sometimes be an issue. Also, the roof flares out a little at the bottom, which means snow could pile up there and cause problems. (I'm more aware of this after our barn collapsed last winter!)

I hope you find a beautiful little cottage with a wood stove in the kitchen and a big window seat for relaxing with your "babies". Please keep us updated on how things are progressing :)

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the house is adorable anicee and I'm sorry your house sale didnt go through but it will happen when you least expect it so hang in there. :)

once your house sells the perfect little cottage will come your way I just know it.

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I just want to take a few minutes to thank you LavenderLass and Trancegemini. I'm writing and crying at the same time and the crying is doing me a lot of good. I guess I had a lot of worries, stress and sadness tucked away inside and the fact that two strangers take the time to write me so kindly and with such optimism I find it overwhelming but in such a good way. It gives me a boost. I am certain your kind thoughts and words will give me strength and that somehow both of you will help with the selling of our house here. I will keep you posted.

Merci beaucoup!


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Anicee- My mom went through the same thing a few years ago. She wanted to retire and have a smaller mortgage payment. She decided to sell her house and found a charming manufactured home. It took a long time and a few different agents to get her house sold...but she did! And just in time to get a great deal on her new manufactured home. She was also able to take advantage of some great discounts with many of the building costs. Everything just seemed to work out the way it was supposed to and now she's very happy!

The waiting was the hardest part and worrying about whether the house would sell and whether she would be able to find a home she loved. She did and I know you will too! Spring is on the way back and it's a great time for people to buy homes. Your home will sell and you will find your smaller, but charming dream home. A perfect fit for you and all your furry little ones! We're all rooting for you :)

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Aw Anicee, I'm so sorry the offer fell through. ((hugs))
Hopefully there's a better offer in your near future.
You are very wise to want to shrink your mortgage if you can do it. I have seriously been thinking along those lines too. I think when the kids are gone we will seriously talk about downsizing for the same reason ....

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