Singer Curvy 8770 - Won't pick up bobbin thread

onedog3catsNovember 19, 2008

Hi..I am new here. I just bought a Singer Curvy 8770...haven't sewn a stitch since high school (20 years ago). All was going well with the machine, then my bobbin ran out of thread. I refilled the bobbin and now the needle won't pick up the thread!! I did notice right before that the thread bunched up quite a bit underneath the fabric. I've removed/replaced the needle. I took the plate off and removed the part that the bobbin sits in. I noticed that when I manually move the needle, it just barely hits the bottom of the area where the bobbin sits (sorry...don't know what to call it). It kind of gets hung up for a split second. So I tried adjusting the needle, but nothing. It doesn't even look like the bobbin thread is near where the needle would pick it up anyway though. I have no idea what to try next other than take it somewhere. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!!

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Make sure you have put your bobbin back in correctly.Then get out your manual and follow it step by step.

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