Dreaded Spring chore

flgargoyleMarch 13, 2010

I spent the day cleaning up freeze damage- something we're not used to here in FL. We had a bad freeze this year, and all of the tender tropicals took a hard hit. I waited until they started to show signs of life, so I'd know how far back to cut them. It's not fun at all. Since it happens rarely, it's not a regular spring ritual, and it doesn't look much better when you're done. I don't think I lost completely anything; my beloved Tibouchina has growth on the main stems, so I think it will be all right. It's a hard-to-find variety, and I finally got one, after numerous failed attempts at rooting one from a friend, so I'm glad it survived. It won't be 15' tall, though- more like 5'! I guess I shouldn't complain- it only got down to 28 here this year- mild by many standards.

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Aw Jay so hard to have to deal with frost damage. Since we get it every year as part of our season it is expected. Usually I cut most things back before winter sets in. I did not get to it this year. Too busy doing other things.

So glad to hear most of your plants have been spared. As I understand it they come back pretty soon as soon as the weather warms.

You are way ahead of me. I am so anxious to get out on the east side of the house. It poured down rain last night and that just added to the mud factor here.


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wow jay that must be so weird to be losing plants to frost where you are :0

At the moment Im trying to revive some plants that havent made it through our summer too well. I have little shade cloth tents set up over some so I can move them to other spots when the weather cools down where hopefully they'll do better.

We have a lovely day here today, it's a much cooler 90f (which is about the temp it was at bedtime over summer), so I think autumn is on it's way.

I hope you can revive your plants jay, hopefully with some warm weather they will take off again.

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I need to clean out my b*ds too. My lillies are usually coming up by now, but I haven't seen anything from them. The Forsythia have not appeared either. The Irises are fine though.

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Trance, where in the world ARE you? Summer? Are you in Australia?

Well, Flgargoyle, you have lots of company with your unexpected hard freeze. I had covers over my subtropicals, and mounds of pine straw or hay shrouding most everything in the ground or in pots too big to move. Who would have thought it would get down to hard freeze and STAY THERE!!!!!

It was below freezing for a 13 day stretch at one point. And all my tender things took a hit. ALL the crotons are gone completely. The bananas look awful. The elephant ears turned to mush and now are withered tan litter.

I went shopping today at Lowes for hardware (roll out shelving for kitchen cabs) and the place was busier than I've ever seen, like bees buzzing in the garden section. So I ended up buying a few more asparagus fern. Those ferns took a hit, but they are all coming back strong. I hope my giant split leaf philodendrons make it too.

It was a warmer winter up north, a colder one down here, a wetter one in most every place. El Nino was very busy this year.

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My Daylillies have finally popped up and started growing!

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My grass is greening up and most of the plants are starting to peek out. Day lilies, Iris and ground covers, plus the lilacs are budding. It makes me crazy this time of year as spring gets hit the hardest with snow storms. I want to get out and rake, clean up. Can't do it as this would remove the plants blankets of leaves, etc.

We just had snow, now 70s....CO weather. Nothing is supposed to be planted/transplanted/seeded until the magic Mother's Day date. Although I could have done this last year with the weather change we had. We did have a major freeze come along and only half the lilacs bloomed.

I'll take your rain, we really need water the last two years. But am really sad to hear of plant loss. You may be surprised and nature will see this event as a great time to regroup, grow more than you expect. I'll think of your plants and hope this is the case.

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It's finally warming up around here, after the coldest winter on record. I'm slowly getting all the dead stuff cut down and thrown away. A few shrubs haven't shown any sign of life yet- they may have to be replaced.

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hi moccasin, yep Im in oz so our seasons are the opposite to yours lol. we're heading into autumn now and it's been humid as anything. Im looking forward to winter believe it or not, we have such nice mild winters here.

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My dreaded spring chore is cleaning out the pond. We are burning out a stump right now. I nearly got the riding lawn mower stuck on it today (couldn't see it for the weeds).

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Jay, have most of your plants survived?
I finally decided to plant a few plants today and found one of my Eunymous (sp) is dead. Also several Hosta and my only Lantana has not shown any sign of life yet.
On the other hand, the poison ivy is alive and well, along with all of the nusiance oak/pecan trees, wild strawberries and blackberries.

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I've found a few that may not come back. We had a beautiful Ixora out front that appears gone, as well as a large Jatropha and one Hibiscus. Hibiscus grow like weeds, and it wasn't a special one, so no biggie, but I've been growing that Jatropha for years, and the butterflies love it. Sigh....


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Jay, I read that the Jatropha is used to produce biofuel in the Phillipans! It is a beautiful plant.

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Aw Jay that is too bad you have lost some. I just barely have been out in our yard. Just about the time it dries up enough to walk out there here comes the rain again. OH and here comes the rain now. Can hear it on the roof.

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