Nice...Update from doctor???

barbfrizzell1955October 24, 2007

I know you were going to see your doctor today and I was just wondering what you found out.


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thanks for asking

plan of action now is no LP for now (yay) sending me to an opthamologist to check my sight and any possible ' muscular/ macular???? problems (I was just gonna go to walmart) Then he wrote me a script and gonna try taking folic acid and magnesium supplements to possible slow my jumpy reflexes and possible that could stop this muscle tightening thing thats happening. Also I put to him that maybe this is the "flu and a broken leg" where my facial symptoms might be unrelated to my arm so he is now gonna check for carpel tunnel or other conductive problmes in my arm. in other words another test at the hospital...

so gonna do these things and see if I get some improvement. hi ho hi ho LOL

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That's great that you don't need the LP for now. I would question just going to Walmart though for your eye check up...just saying maybe you would be better off going to a specialist. As a diabetic who is nearsighted I absolutely detest the zillion and one tests that mine does but he is very thorough with his eye exams.

I just had carpal tunnel surgery done on my non-dominant hand in February. and I have to say the surgery sure has come a long way from when I had the other hand done 20 years ago!

Don't you just LOVE all these tests...guess the only good thing is you don't have to study for them? LOL

I sure hope the supplements help to relieve your symptoms.


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I agree with Barb.Nix the walmart and go to the MD thingy that does eyes. .. I always get them mixed up, but I think Ophthalmologist. You may be on to something that you have more than one thing going on. Well, at least the LP is out.
You were probably right in the may never get a definite diagnosis. But hey, in the mean time there are hundreds of test they can send you for!!

Hope the supplements help!!


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So glad the "talk" with the doctor was nothing serious.
I always freak about that!


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