Bustle on a wedding dress?

aok27502November 3, 2006

Can anyone tell me a slick way to bustle the train on a wedding dress? In the past I have stiched loops out of buttonhole thread, or dental floss, and "hung" them on buttons attached at the waist. But the current dress is made of satin with an overskirt of tulle, with no beading or lace or anything on the train to hide the loops. Plus, the train is fairly heavy. It has a bit of a peplum, so I was planning to put the buttons underneath, but I need a way to hang it that will hold up but won't be too obvious. We've decided to bustle it two spots, rather than just in the center back, so that will distribute the weight a little. It seems that nothing holds up after about 6 choruses of the chicken dance!! :)


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I've done a few bustles for people with RTW dresses and there were always 3 button loops to evenly distribute the fabric. Most were fabric covered. I would put them under the peplum and do something decorative with the train to hide the loops.

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How heavy is this going to make the dress? My daughter got married last month and decided against a bustle because she said that it made her feel as though she was going to fall over backwards. Maybe a wrist loop at the hem is better being Satin is so heavy. Just a thought. Colleen

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Most trains have an odd number of pick-up points, the same number on each side of the center, and one in the center.

It is quite common to have five or seven bustle loops on a heavy train, and I've done trains with more.

As far as bustle loop material, my personal favorite was 1/8 inch ribbon, tied to a backer button underneath. make sure the loops aren't too big; that could be part of the reason they keep coming off. You neen't worry about them showing.
I worked at David's bridal this past summer: the bustle loops were stitched to the dress through all layers (this was the French bustles) and they really don't show.

But it sounds as if you definately need more than two pick-up points.

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