My crappy no good day

nicethymeSeptember 26, 2007

results in going to a property tomorrow, to wedge my loader under a boulder and tipping it - so I can remove the ripped up wheel.... That I destroyed today within the 1st 30 mins of work.

That was AFTER having my 2nd MRI in 2 weeks, YA THINK they could have covered my brain AND neck all at one time??? no I guess we are ruleing out area by area! RRRRRRRRR supposedly vertabrae in my neck have fused and might be pressing on nerves???, tell me how there's no pain involved I have no idea. Ok, I'm just venting at this point. I'm just not accustomed to medical problems that go on and on... ugh

The bobcat throwing a shoe was just the topper, those tire cost an aweful amt... wonderful

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So sorry Nice about your crappy, rotten day! I sympathize with you about the cost of the tire, that sucks!

Yes, you WOULD think they would do both the areas at the same time but this way they get to charge your insurance company twice! I hope they figure out soon what is causing your problem and the treatment to remedy it.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow...oops DD loves the movie Annie! At least you didn't have to hear me really singing it off key!!!!


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Sorry NT What a crappy day!! Those unexpected (BIG) expenses are just disgusting!!!

Rough on the MRI,too.If it is your vertebrae, I know a couple people that have had the surgery and it helped. Though the way I am, I'd get several opinions before I let them cut there!


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Maybe your brain was too big to get the neck in the same shot too?? LOL!!
Sorry about your rotten day. least you have a Bobcat. I would be soooo dangerous with one of those!!
Keep in mind all you've been blessed with.
I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

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SHEEP DIP!!! I can relate to the med stuff as this is day 31 of Jane Hell!!! And I am on the BOD for a recycle yard and know the price of thos darn tires, we went thru a set in just 6mos!!! Try having guys dump stuff into a bin and have the forks fall off with em and only hangin' there by the hydrolic hoses!!3x!!! Put the pins in people!!!

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OMG Jane, that takes me back 20 years to when I first started running skid steer... Candy changes bucket, scoops mulch, dumps mulch over side of dump truck along with bucket she forgot to lock on.... bucket is now out of reach and must be dumped out of truck. This all ofcourse happens just below boss's office window! LOL

Thankyou all. today went a little better, we had success leveraging the machine under a boulder (thank goodness) and was able to remove the rim. It was actually punctured so it was not my fault as in - Candy was running it low and broke the bead... whew (I hate when DH thinks it was operator error)

Hey Bama, I am dangerous with a bobcat. It's pretty impossible to flip one over so it causes major bravado, I scare myself sometimes! LOL

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