Back from Williamsburg!

bamasusannaSeptember 22, 2007

Whew! I'm so dang tired. We went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Newport News. And I'm sure some other places I can't remember!

I've never been a history person, but wow, when you're there where it all happened, it really makes it more "personal".

While we were in Jamestown, we watched a demo on glass blowing. Very cool.I wanted to jump the fence and get right in there with them. Poor guys..all dressed up in their colonial garb, working outside in front of those 2000 degree glass ovens. They kinda looked bored with it all. I guess if I was confined to making the same candle stick, vase, or inkwell over and over again, I'd be also. There was a small display of things the glass blowers had done on their own time. Some of those pieces were really nice.

We also visited a couple of plantations, antique malls and galleries. I didn't see any mosaics or stained glass..a lot of pottery though.

One night we went to a mystery dinner theater. Oh, that was so much fun! A couple of the actors kept referring to me as "Ms. Reba McIntire" because of my red hair. I told them "No...she has short hair now!" Mine is quite longer than hers. Oh well. It could've been worse.

It was a great trip with my sweetie as we celebrated our 20th anniversary!!

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Im glad that you guys had a great trip. I also am not a big history person but it sounded real cool!!!

That is funny about them calling you "Ms Reba McIntire" I will always picture her now when reading your posts!!!! Shes a gorgeous women so take it as a compliment thats for sure!!!!!

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OK, now I see some details! Sounds like a whirlwind trip! Williamsburg is one of those places I visited in jr. high. and later as an adult. I loved it both times! There are some good outlets down there too. Sounds fun and tiring, but you had get to work 'cause we've been waiting to see what you are going to do next!

Happy 20th Anniversary! I always wonder if I can keep from killing my husband so we can make it to 20 yrs....LOL!!

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Sounds like fun! I have low tolerance for those "touristy" areas. We have a place here called Greenfield Village.. similar on a smaller scale. Nice to spend tine with your Hubby on your 20th!!This year was our second and DH didn't even mention it. That'll get thrown in his face soon!!

I love the glass blowing. I always wanted to do that, but I'm afraid I'd look like phantom of the opera - all scarred up from being clutzy!!

Ahem.. of course, you need to tell him that the 21st is REALLY the big one and you should go to Europe and see some of those famous mosaics firsthand!!


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Next month is my 25th anniversary -Good lord what should I tell him - to buy the orsoni factory for me???

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Hey, That'll work wench!!
We had planned for years to go to Europe someday..But I messed around and didn't get our passports. I'll work on getting that accomplished next week.
Yep shrty, I'm not a big fan of tourist stuff either. Thats why we thought going after school started back would be best. Of course there were a couple of field trips going on..oh well.
I didn't go to the outlet stores. I knew hubby wouldn't be into it. He went with me to this big Yankee Candle Store so I didn't want to push my luck.
We did go to this big pottery place though. They sold lots of other stuff too. I bought a big square ceramic platter to go on top of my birdbath!! They had 3 colors, cobalt blue, mustard yellow and green. DH told me to get all 3 cuz I might make another one someday. I like it better than the round concrete one I had, but it's still not PERFECT. I guess I'm being too picky..

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IMHO: You are waaaay prettier than her!!!! WAY! Nice to get away and your DH sounds thoughtful!! Congrats on such a nice Part of Your Life! Jane

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What a great way to spend your anniversary! Hubby and I try to get away for a ours every year. I always enjoy that.
We even celebrate the anniversary of our fist date every year.

Good to have you back!


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AWH Hazie, That's so cute!!!

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Hazie my DH & I just celebrated our 30th anniversary of our first date last Monday. Nice to see we aren't the only ones who do.


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