What other forums do you frequent?

sunshine_funshineSeptember 28, 2007

I am curious to know if you all check out other forums and which ones. I do look at some others but obviously, I spend serious time right here. Since I visit my inlaws several times a week, I will bring the computer to keep busy. I stay with FIL while MIL goes to the store, runs errands, just generally gets out of the house. So, I get time to post ALOT on and off on those days. (FIL has Parkinson's-fairly advanced- and cannot be left alone.)

I recently joined Michael's forum, but it's hard to keep up with stuff over there. The set up seems complicated to me. I also love the show LOST and started visiting the message boards on ABC to see what people thought the deal was with that show. Since it's still in hiatus, I haven't even visited since May. I actually never knew this stuff existed online until I stumbled onto the LOST site last fall and lurked for awhile before getting the nerve up to post. They aren't very nice to newbies!

So, do you all visit other forums? There's got to be a forum on just about everything by now, right?

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I came to GW through the landscape design forum (talk about "not" a nice group) Then got hooked on the Junkyard till mosaikers migrated to this forum, so I still lokk in at the junkyard.

I visit a garden art forum for concrete artists, learning alot there! But my home page and majority of my time is spent at a discussion forum that is 90% male... I am a moderator there and we discuss current events, politics, travel... its a good group. Occasionally I'll post a mosaic for them, my game table was a big hit leading me toponder that it has male appeal... the colors? it's manly I think. lol

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Guys always like games NT!!

I don't frequent many forums. Mostly they are either not interesting or too many rude people. I still check in over at the junkyard that's a nice group, too


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Yeah, I check the junkyard and the hypertufa from time to time. LOVE to see those pics! There are fabulous ideas over there at the Garden junk site AND they are very nice!! Huperufa even gets a little snotty sometimes.

Rude people are everywhere!!

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The Hypertufa forum was the first forum that I found that was of great interest to me, and I lurked there on and off for a couple of years. But I never felt comfortable posting there.

But then one day I was doing a search, and ended up on the Garden Junk side, and those people were REALLY, REALLY nice, so I started reading posts there, and discovered the Mosaics/Stained Glass, and BOOM! I found my home!! I was so impressed that I joined and posted within a day or two. I posted a few times on the Garden Junk - and really like it there, too, but I just don't have enough time to really keep up there, too (I work full time). And since my true love is mosaics...this is truly the place for me.

I also recently joined the garden art forum that NT mentioned, talk about a GREAT group of talented people - wow! I've been dabbling in concrete, and want to do more, and that is a great place for inspiration and knowledge. I haven't introduced myself or started posting there yet - but soon!!

I joined a couple of other mosaic sites, but I don't really check them out that often. Of course, you can't top the people here, AND I like the way this site works better than the other ones.

I just need more TIME to do all the things I want to do!

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I pretty much stay here now - started at GJ like many others and still pop in there from time to time. They, like this group, are very nice and easy to be around. Been to a couple in the past that were AWFUL to new people or to those who had questions that "the powers that be" felt to be too elementary.


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I started here a few years back heavy on the Landscape Design forum...not a very nice place. Luckily I was never personally attacked, but the few who thought they were the be-all-end-all of design were just too hard to stomach.
Other than there, this mosaic/glass forum, Cooking & Hot Topics.

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LOL Linlee, I'm pretty thick skinned so I posted pics of one of my installs over at the LD forum. Bet you can guess how that went! LOL

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Not well I'm sure. Though I see some of the more acidic characters have dropped off over the years.
The waters may be safer over there now.
Though I have been contacted lately by a gentleman inquiring about an arbor pix I posted, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, so I've checked in over there a bit lately.

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