Special Day!!!

Calamity_JSeptember 26, 2007

Today I have 18yrs clean off drugs and booze, etc. I am sooo grateful to have a quality of life that being drug free provides! I needed to blurt this out cuz Cindy came over today with the cutest lil cake, called a Hedgehog cake, to celebrate with me, and I'm feeling sooo incredibly grateful for having the Blessing of meeting you all, and the wonderful friends you all are to me!

I'm off to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting tonight, to share my experience, strength, and hope, to the "Newcomer" who is trying to get clean. Jane

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Oh Jane! I'm so incredibly happy for you! You know everything happens for a reason. Maybe you're the inspiration for this Newcomer to make it possible to quit!

You have always been one of my favorite posters. I'm so glad we met on this forum. The people that frequent here have become such wonderful friends. Sure makes my day a lot lighter knowing I'm only a key board away from yall!!

I was actually thinking about you this morning. How's your leg doing now?

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WOW WOW what a special day !!!!!!!!!!

You will be the inspiration to others that IT CAN BE DONE!!

and yes, how is that leg??


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wow Jane, 18 years... 18 years wow Congrats to you!

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Congratulations Jane on 18 years!!! I'm sure you will be an inspiration to any newcomer trying to get clean. How is that leg doing? How much longer you have to wear that cast? I've been waiting to see what your next project is going to be...as soon as you can walk I think you are going to be doing something like Klinger's girl...am I right????


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WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so very proud of you for making the choices you have made every single day of those 18 years.

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Thanks Everyone!!! Well, went to the meeting and there was a young gal there with 60days clean, came up to me after the meeting and asked me for my phone number!! She's only 20yrs old. We have a saying in NA that you can only keep what you have, by giving it away. I liken my disease of addiction to diabetes, every day you need your medicine and need to pay attention to doing the things that keep you well, you stop doing those things...you get sick again.
Well, my leg is in a fancy air cast and I'm not to walk on it yet. I've wiped out twice realllly bad on my crutches, had to go get ex-rays of my other knee!! So have kept to the wheelchair(thankfull we live in a rancher with lam floors!) Cindy is so great about seeing me every week and calling etc.. I see the doc next week and find out what's next. It only hurts if I have my foot down for more than a 1/2hr at a time, so I prop it up a lot. My friend Sandy brought me her recliner rocker for me to recoupe in so I sit ther with my tv tray beside me and am working on a gazing ball right now. I plan to do my mushroom as soon as I can. It's hard not to miss my usual freedom of hittin' the thrift and building supply stores for more goodies, but it has been less money spent!!! As soon as I can get around better I'm buying a heavy duty blade for my taurus saw and 2 tile blades for tile work and start givin er!!!
Again, thank you all for your sweet comments as I feel if it wasn't for NA, I'd not have a life(breathin, in..and out..)but God wanted me to have a rich and abundant life(ya'll)!!! Jane

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Proud to know you, Jane.


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Congratulations on 18 years being free of the demons. You are an inspiration to us all and I'm proud of you - more than you know!!!

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Wow!! Calamity that is awesome.....CONGRATS!!


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Hugs and kisses to you my dear! Congrats! Way to be an inspiration to us all!

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Good for you! Congratulations. That is just fantastic!

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Hey Jane,

I am so sorry I missed your special day. Woopieeee for you!! You should be so proud of yourself . And to stay with it to help others is great for you and WONDERFUL for them. They will never forget you for the kindness and compassion you have given them not to mention their lives back.

Also sorry I missed out on your injured leg. Hope you are healing well by now.


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