Does anyone can anymore? WAAAAY O.T.

mosaicwench1September 16, 2007

Am I the only one left who cans vegetables, etc? I can't remember the last time I met someone who cans or puts food away for the winter.

It's not like I live in the boonies or am in danger of starving to death if I don't can things, it's that I love to know exactly where my food came from and what's in it. Not to mention I think I'm preserving a dying art!

This weekend I canned 17 pints of sweetcorn (bartered with my farmstand lady who loves mosaics), 25 pints of grape jelly (grapes I grew myself), and bought a bushel of apples (already have 4 pints of maple apple jam made and will make the rest into pie apples). I have quarts of frozen tomato puree to make into sauce, tons of bread and butter pickles, and many, many, many pints of currant jelly from my little suburban yard . . . .

Please tell me someone out there does this, too???

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I think I never do it because my mother did, and I hated her canned food. Not because it was canned mind you, just that she was a bad cook - so her sauce, her green beans etc... were aweful ((((sorry Mom))))

I think Ronnie cans

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#$LL YES, I CAN! I put away a total of 97 ears of corn from our own garden. About 27 jars-pint size only- of tomatoes, not just canned tomatoes but also salsa and tomato sauce. (I quit canning maters early 'cause my left leg suddenly started swelling up when I stand too long. Never happened to me before.) We only did about 17 jars of green beans 'cause we took lots to MIL. Froze squash until my hands started to look yellow. And PICKLES! Geez, my DH took care of those. We have bread and butter and dill pickles to last until the next crop comes in. We are currently waiting for turnips, carrots and MORE GREEN BEANS! Not sure what he thinks I'm gonna do with them 'cause I am done for the season. Currently we are getting our pumpkins out of the patch. We planted BIG MACS and the regular jackolatern pumpkins. I will post a pic of the kids with the pumpkins! We are most excited about those pumpkins!

I plan to have apples next weekend. I LOVE cooked apples. We freeze them. I have never made jam but I think I would like to try. I do make some red pepper jelly, but it just never seems to be as good as my SIL does it.

DH loves his garden and since he works so hard getting it going each year, I feel compelled to "put the food up" as he calls it. His parents always canned. I don't mind it too much. As you stated, it's good to know where your food came from. Ours is totally organic. We don't put anything on our plants. We do have beetle traps at various places around the yard though.

My friends tell me I'm a dying breed. Don't know about that but I don't know many people, especially my age, who can anymore.

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oooooooooo pumpkins! I do a little canning I just dont grow the stuff I can. I get it from my mom and my uncles. My mom does a bunch of canning every year and my grandmother in KY also. I havent managed to do anything this year LAZINESS. but last year we made about 20 jars of blackberry jelly and jam, and about 25 bannana and apple cinnamon breads, I still have a bunch of pickles too but no one I know really eats pickles but me n the kid.

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It's soooooooooo nice to see that I'm not alone!

Sunshine - you are a canning MACHINE!! I am in awe of your productivity! My little yard doesn't produce in amounts like yours but I keep up. My beans were a huge disappointment this year - mainly because I was on vacation for the 10 days they were the best to pick! But the cukes more than made up for it!

The only thing still producing in my yard is carrots. I leave them in as long as I can since they need all the help they can get in my heavy clay soil. We even grow hops (for homemade beer) but my DH stopped making it so it's just a large out-of-control vine now!

Thanks for helping me see I'm not alone.

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I don't but my 84yr old nieghbor does ALL his "growing" and freezing, etc. I get gleamings off the magic fence between our two yards! He's sooo sweet! I mostly grow perrenial flowers, tried two tomatoe plants, but killed em! Am thinking of growing some peas and cukes next yr, have this 4ft x 20ft raised garden bed, covered with black plastic(so I don't gotta weed it!) that is sittin' there...

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I don't, but I sure remember my Mom doing plenty of it! I hated shelling all those peas, corn etc. But I loved going out muscadine hunting when we were little so she could make jelly! Those are some of my fav. childhood memories.

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I canned tomatoes when we lived in Virginia. Our "garden" was 10 x 10 but we got lots of maters from it. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get a decent crop of tomatoes here in NE TX; otherwise, I'd be busy. My mother used to make homemade vegetable beef soup that she canned (it might have been a pressure cooker kinda thing). My dream is to duplicate that someday. She's no longer around to tell me how to do it! There's nothing better than "real food"!

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This was a TOO HOT summer here and no ones gardens did well. Sigh. I did put up some melon in the freezer for smoothies or jam later. I usually can as much applesause as I can. I still might get some apples. I did do a few pies for the freezer. I also got some berries frozen. I usually make jam about Christmas time. Last year I canned up a storm. I have a canning kitchen out on our deck and it is so nice to keep some of the heat out of the house.Of course at Christmas time I can in the house.

This is the canning table and I happen to have this picture because we just finished painting the back porch ceiling and walls. The stove goes on the table I just had not put it back yet. It is a small three burner propane stove. An antique Griswold. There is a resturant sink in the room behind the door you can see.I have a skirt for the table to hide the dog house. LOL Our little shy dog just has to have her safe place.

I love to can and am so blessed to have a good pantry to store it all.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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