What kind of camera's do all of you have ?

toomuchglassSeptember 6, 2007

I'm so sick of my cheap digital camera - it takes really bad shots. It's so sensitive - just a heart beat will make it take a blurry picture. All your shots and pictures are so clear .... I'm dying to know what kind of cameras you all use . ( and of course - if it's hard to use - I'm digitally challenged ) LOL

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Hi Toomuch....I have a Canon PowerShot G2 (it's several years old...I think the current model is a G7), and I just love it. It's easy to use if you just use the AUTOMATIC setting, but it's got lots of other settings, too....so you can do as much or as little as you want with it.

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I shoot with a Fuji Fine Pix 6.3 mega pixel. I've really enjoyed it. I'd say it's pretty easy.

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I use the Olympus Stylus 600, I like that it's all weather cause I use it outside for work. very simple thing to use too

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Boy - I need a new camera. I might have to ask Santa for one. A good one can't be THAT expensive... ( I Hope !)

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DH gave me a new one for my bday (Mother's Day sale!) - it's a Samsung S630 - 6.0 megapixel. My old one was a Kodak 3.0 that I got free in a sales contest about 5 yrs ago. So far all I've done is shoot things - haven't taken the time to figure out how to post from it! Taking the pics is pretty easy.

I'd say save a few $ and catch the pre or post Christmas sales!

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I can't imagine the cost .... although -- stuff is getting cheaper. Is something around $200 being too cheap ? Gulp ... Maybe Mrs. Santa better be nice to Mr.Santa if it costs that much ! LOL

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Hey me too NT!! I didn't know it was waterproof!

Toomuch check for reviews and articles online. There is an optimal amount of pixels and it isn't all that high. You can do pretty good for $200. Too many bells and whistles get confusing anyway. I don't remember what I paid for mine, but it wasn't over 200. Check best buy, target etc for discontinued models. You can get them for a good price.


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I use an Olympus (with 3.0 megapixel) that I paid a lot for about 5 years ago. Since then I've bought an Olympus for both my kids that were over 5 megapixels, weighs a heckuva lot less than mine, is a lot smaller, and both were under $140. I also found that when I bought my memory card that was supposed to hold for example 100 pictures, if I changed the resolution to a higher number I could get maybe 60 higher quality pics. When we were billets, I used to take pictures during hockey games of all the players and make scrapbooks for all the players at the end of the season. Higher resolution pictures will enlarge and look a lot better. Like Maria said, check for discontinued models, you can get a good bargain. Don't buy anything under 3.0 megapixels and you should be able to take great quality pics too!


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At my target store, they have some seven and eight megapixil ones that are about $160. This is what I've got my eye on!! My current camera is a Kodak five megapixil and I have no complaints about the pictures. It's just that the battery won't stay charged up for more than a couple of hours, like two. That is not acceptable. Just about a month ago, the screen on the back that you can preview the pic on is completly white, can't see a thing. Very upsetting. The camera itself-not bad. I think I probably got a dud. But I have had it almost three years...

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I Definately have a list for Santa now. Thanks for all your answers .I'm so scared of technology ... I'm Wilma Flintstone ! LOL

(((((((( Everyone )))))))))

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mine is a kodak but if you are looking for cheaper then kodak doesnt make those. LOL! I paid 399.95 for mine at xmas last yr. and it was on sale. however seeing that I only ask for one gift a yr it better be a good one. my b-day is two weeks b4 the kids so I always end up spending all our money on her. and valentines day is our anniversary so instead of buying gift we usually just plan a special date.

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