Do you have sliding patio door? What size?

marti8aMarch 4, 2012

I have said I want a sliding glass door in the dining room because of the amount of room a regular door would take up, and the room will only be 10 feet wide.

Dh wants to know placement and size of door and windows. I'm thinking 6' door, or maybe something like this

with four 6' windows on the opposite side of the room.

What do you think?

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I like the ones in your pic! I don't like grids tho - they obstruct the view.

my slider is small - I think it's 5' wide and somewhere around 76" high. my BIL is 6.5 and he might hit his head going in/out of it.

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Ours is 5 ft, too. It is the only window in the room and really is not enough. If those window walls can be made to not lose warmth in the winter, they look great!

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the door your showing is a 4 panel door and the smallest I know of without going custom is 10'-0", since you state that is also your wall width a 4 panel door won't work.

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millworkman, the doors and windows will be on the longer wall, which is about 12 feet. The width of the room is 10 feet, and with a table and chairs in the middle, there's just no room for a door to swing open, thus my request for a slider.

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ah, ok then a 10' door should be doable

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I had a pair of French doors which were 4' wide, and I could open both of them to get big appliances or furniture into the house.

We will be doing a pair of sliders, one slide, one permanently fixed, but I'm wanting it to be SIX foot wide.
That way, we still have a 36" front door and a 36" back door for moving stuff in/out. You can then plan on getting your big fat freezer/fridge in and out of the house with just removing the doors. And a big ole recliner too.

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A SIX foot wide 2 panel sliding door would only have a clear opening of approximately 32"-33".

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