What is the best serger?

meesa411November 3, 2006

Does anyone have any recommendations for a serger? I'm shopping for one and am looking for something that's reasonably priced and most importantly, does a good job serging.

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Or try doing a search on "sergers". (they're more properly called "overlock machines")

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You could probably find at least one person who would recommend every brand there is; and at least one who wouldn't recommend that same brand. :-) Everybody has a favorite, mine is Kenmore. Good prices and frequent sales, very dependable, many outlets for service. I've had mine for 20+ years, never a problem. They don't have one with the cover stitch though (I'm in the market for one of those now). I think Walmart sells Brother, or maybe Singer...and as always if there's a problem or you don't like it you can take it back.

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A search will pull up several really great threads on the topic. Some of the "home" machines offer wonderfully easy conversions to a variety of applications and resources for those who own them and have learned all about them!

Search is your FRIEND.

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What do you want in a serger? 4 or 5 thread overlock? Cover Stitch? I have a White serger that I love. It is 3 or 4 thread overlock but doesn't do a coverstitch. Colleen

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My vote would go to the Husqvarna Viking 936. What an incredible serger. Worth every penny of the cost.

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My first serger was a Brother from WalMart - inexpensive but yet a great machine. Never had a problem with it in 10 years of abuse. Then I got a 5-thread Husquvrana 936 - floor model sale for about 1/3 the full price. Again, great machine, but a little more complicated. I kind of wish I had spent the extra few bucks and got one of the self threading BabyLocks, because I just don't have the time to fuss with re-threading over and over again.

My mother-in-law has had a base level babylock since 1986 and the thing is flawless. And she uses it A LOT - lots of grandkids, a sewing business, a couple of maternity wardrobes... the thing won't break.

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The only threading I do on mine is the needle. The others I just tie on the new thread and pull it through (lift the presser foot first). Works like a charm!

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I vote for the Viking 936 (I have it and an older White without cover stitch). Love it! Had hands-on lessons in store and was "forced" to thread and re-thread over and over, so now that doesn't scare me a bit. Still need to get the manual out to set up the cover stitch, but that's not a problem either.

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I hear all of you talking about a cover stitch. i'm buyingf my first. what is a cover stitch?

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