Roof lines mean change in plan...(lots of pics)

lavender_lassMarch 29, 2011

So, after all my hard work, the roof lines are NOT going to work out, which means new floor plan. Why not make lemonade out of lemons, right, so I took advantage of this to bring back the sunroom/screened porch and put the woodstove out there.

The laundry/pantry/mudroom is now all in one space (where the dining room used to be) and the dining area is where the seating area used to be. Anyway, here's the first plan, with no real changes to the kitchen, but now I'm staring at a wall, (even if it is bookcases) while I prep.

After 'living' with the plan a few days, I decided I need to have a prep space that looks at people and hopefully, out the this is the new plan. I like that there's more storage and a higher counter, to hide some of my mess, from the dining room. It also gives more of a separation, between the dining and kitchen spaces. Since this is my only dining area (except for the bistro table in the sunroom) I really want it to feel like it's own space, not just an end of the kitchen.

This is the picture that gave me the idea for the layout...

This is what I'd like the bump out window to look like, without leaded glass...beautiful, but too fancy. Also, the Sarah Richardson farmhouse dining room, that gave me the idea for the bump out window seat. Love those corbels!

What do you think of the arches? Kind of fairy tale? Would a fun vent hood (this shape, not finish) work with the kitchen. I can't afford an arched window, but I think the other arches will give a similar 'feel' to the space.

And since I'm having fun with pictures...this is the same Jadite I found in the old farmhouse...and very similar deer collectibles and hopefully it gives you an idea of what I'm using in the space.

And I don't remember if I posted this last time or not...but here's the sink we found on top of a trash pile, when we moved in. It's so cool and what we'll use (when it's cleaned up) next to the washer and dryer!

Finally, the porch is on the west side of the house, so I probably can't use skylights, but I love this picture! The kitty is perfect, the blue and plants are wonderful, but picture the furniture a little more french country :)

So...any ideas, suggestions, comments? I value all of your opinions and hope you'll help me make this the best plan yet! :)

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Ya know, I think I like this plan the best yet. It's streamlined, efficient, and visitor friendly. Do you have another oven, or is the one on the far wall the only one? It's a good distance from your stove, but not too far from your prep area which is probably more important.

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We had a horse shoe kitchen on one of our houses and I LOVED it. They are wonderful to work in. I see the oven is a bit far from stove top . Still it is perfect to the dinning room for serving. Our kitchen now is sort of a wonky horse shoe and it is also nice to work in. As far as I am concerned your kitchen part is wonderful.

Adore the jadeite and they are so collectible now a days. And I am a deer fan and have a collection of them.

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The wall oven/microwave is for breads and desserts, mainly. There's an oven with the range (not cooktop) for meats, broiling, etc.

Marti- Thanks, I really like it, too. It seems easier to work I just need to figure out what to use for countertops!

Shades- Glad you like the kitchen...and so cool you have deer collectibles, too. Have to admit, I have a few Bambi and some Rudolph decorations, for Christmas...not to mention the life sized ones, nibbling on my garden :)

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LOL Just a few Deer.I have several more around the house. I went crazy with the Dear deer.

We get lots of life sized ones too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer

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Just wanted to say that the sink is just like mine!

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Schoolhouse- Hi! I didn't know that...we have the same kind of sink. I love your beadboard in the kitchen! That might be an idea, at least part way up the walls, in the dining area. It needs something, especially on either side of the window seat.

Shades- Thanks for the link! I love deer, even though they do like to eat my roses :)

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Shades- I just looked at your link. Now that's a collection! They're adorable :)

I have a little green one, very similar to your brown ones, and one from the 30s that's supposed to be Bambi and Thumper (from Japan). They're very cute and have big eyes with long eyelashes!

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Hmmm...that last post didn't look right, so I checked. Bambi was released in theaters in 1942. Maybe the dealer said the 40s (it was years ago) but either way, it's a cute little collectible and I didn't pay very much for it. So, going for the 1930s and 1940s vintage kitchen style, with some of my accessories! :)

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So, after some suggestions on the kitchen forum, I've switched the fridge and oven/microwave. There is a second oven with the range...and the prep sink by the fridge makes a great beverage area. The living room is across the entry, to the right of the dining room.

Here's a close up of the plan, with one square equal to 6" and the overall dimensions of the kitchen/dining room 13' x 22'. So, any suggestions, likes/dislikes? Oh, and all the squiggles are plants...including the one on the fridge! LOL

Thanks for taking a look :)

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I liked the refrig better where you had it originally. Now, it looks a little tight to open doors, and the peninsula is not aligned with either edge of the refrig. I can see that it might convenient to have it nearer to table, but I still would prefer it in your original location.

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I think I liked it better the other way too. I can not see those pictures now . The fridge where it is now is too much in the traffic lane for my liking.

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You are both right...and I don't like the fridge or the oven in the aisle. After much sketching last night, I came up with this idea. What if I flipped the dining and kitchen spaces?

On the othe forum, there was concern that it would be much nicer to have another access to the sunroom, besides through the laundry/mudroom. This way, I have three 30" french doors, with the left one opening. The sunroom is a few feet bigger, to allow room for the door opening and the clearance around the very small wood stove.

What do you think? Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for looking at yet another plan...I have to finalize things, so I can show our contractor and get a budget pulled together. Oh, and the other thing I like about this plan...the marble work table is back! :)

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I had forgotten about the sun room. Last plan looks like it will open up the kitchen by being able to see through to the sun room. I think you will enjoy that. Not that your kitchen area is small. But to be able to look into the sun room through three glass doors will be so pretty.

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Shades- Thank you! I think it will be pretty and much more open and sunny. I was hesitant to put the kitchen in the front (have thought about it for a long time) because I thought the dining room would be more 'authentic'. Finally, I just decided to try it and see how it looked :)

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