Need some opinions on DRESS Forms

redpennyNovember 20, 2007

I want to get my son a Dress Form for school......I have been looking at all different brands..........I asked my son when he makes things at school does he have to make them a certain size like a size 6 or size 10 he said NO.

What size he makes is up to him......So I start looking at different dress forms....I really like this dress form

Uniquely You Dress Form, Zippered Cotton Cover over Pinable Foam Rubber Foundation with Stand -

I spoke to one of the creators of this dress form and he stated the cover which goes over the form body is like a girdle that it fits snug to the Foam Rubber Foundation

I really like this one Link below

Then I also like this one link below

I talked with someone from the store and they said this was a very good dress form.

I am not to sure about the Singer or dritz dress forum...

so any help is appreciated.


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I don't know anything about dress forms but JoAnns has the Dritz on Thanksgiving sale for 89 dollars...

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I have the singer dress form and it is totally useless. It is the most unnatural shape. The nobs used to change measurements are very hard to turn and unless you have very a "perky" bustline you are out of luck for fitting. I use it more for hanger projects on than fitting. Would not waste my money on it even with a coupon.

I looked at the first one you listed and I think that would be your best bet. Being able to pin into it would be great.

Just my opinion

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I agree with you I am not to crazy about the nobs on some of the dressforms I have seen plus they don't really seem to have enough cushion to pin a pattern. I really like the
Uniquely You Dress Form, plus I like the idea of the Zippered Cotton Cover and the idea of Realistic bust with adjustable "bust string" to obtain natural cleavage plus it is Ultra durable - you can hem on it, steam press on it, pin it, drape on it, baste on it, design and tailor on it with some of the other dressforms I would be afraid to steam press on them. Plus I like the idea several women can use the same form with the use of individual covers...
Thanks for your repley.

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