Quilted fabric - Have you done it?

JoAnn_FlaNovember 16, 2009

Have you ever quilted your own fabric? The kind like the fabric they make purses out of. If you do quilt it, do you quilt it all then cut out the pattern ..or cut out the pieces then quilt? I tried it today and its not easy at all. I cut my pieces first then quilted, not a great idea.

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Quilted fabric is quilted on the bias and if you did it yourself you would have to do the whole piece and then cut it out. The quilting lines would have to be evenly spaced and sewn perfectly straight or it would look like a home made piece.

Frankly I wouldn't even try. By the time you buy the lining and batting and material, the price adds up. Is it really worth the extra you pay for already quilted fabric to do all the work of quilting?

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Clearly you don't quilt.

Quilting can be done straight lines with the grain or on the bias, or free motion - squiggles and such. It doesn't matter to the finished product.

What Joann need to know is that you quilt your fabric first, then you cut out your pieces. If you plan to put a lining in your bag, I would quilt your outer fabric to just a batting, cut the pieces, construct the bag, and add the lining.

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Yes, mary c--- I have quilted, a fair bit in fact and by hand and machine. I know you can make all different kinds of pictures and patterns simply by stitching them in.

I was under the impression that the OP wanted to quilt the fabric exactly like boughten quilted fabric which is done on the bias so there is give to the quilted stitches. If that is not the case then I misread her post.

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Jonaa, what Mary said is right. I have done it exactly this way and it has turned out great. Quilted fabric is so terribly expensive. I have bought it with a 50% off coupon at Joanns. But being almost $20.00 a yard I can't see buying it.. Try doing some samples to get the look that you want.. Have fun.


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Joann, just as an added tip--do you have a quilting or even feed foot? If you don't I can assure you it makes a huge difference when doing quilting of any kind. A quilting bar usually comes with the foot so you can easily keep your lines evenly spaced. As the others have said, quilt first then cut because quilting usually draws in the fabric a little and it might be too small if you've cut first.

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Hi Joann,

I just finished a purse in which you had to quilt the fabric. The pattern I used had you cut out the purse pieces (front and back) out of the outside fabric, batting and lining, then, do the quilting, using just straight vertical lines. When I read this, I thought that seemed odd--my guess would have been to quilt all of the fabric, and cut pieces from that, as suggested here. But I followed their insturctions and it worked out well. But I have seen both ways, depending on the pattern.

However you quilt it (before or after cutting), I agree with chickadee--use an even feed (walking foot) and also, I found that spray basing with 505 helped a lot too.

Have fun!

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Aside from the expense of pre-quilted fabric, if you quilt your own, you get to choose any fabric you want, not just what is available pre-quilted at the store. I make all my own purses and do it as the others said, quilt first using only main fabric and batting, then cut out and use a lining.
I use the accufeed even feed foot and generally the quilting bar, although sometimes I just free=motion.
Making your own quilted fabric lets you have a purse/tote that is truly one of a kind.

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FlamingO in AR

I quilt all my own fabric and I do it on the straight grain, never had a thread break. I make a lot of bags and sewing organizers, etc. I usually use a fusible batting so I don't have to baste it at all. Then I quilt it with my walking foot and slightly longer stitch than what I use to sew seams with. Random straight lines don't take any time at all, as opposed to marking lines and making a real grid.

I always quilt a large piece of fabric and then cut out the pattern pieces, just figure out how big a piece you'll need before you start and add an inch or two all the way around. Better to have a bit too much than to come up short!

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I have also made my own quilted fabric, but usually not such large pieces - more tote bag and place mat size. It is very easy to do - BUT....it should also be pointed out that if you do not have an even feed foot they can be very expensive. Mine for my Viking was like $86 and that was years ago. Of course, I use mine a lot in making quilts so I could justify the cost. Also, depending on where you live, you may not have a source of pre-quilted fabric in a wide range of colors and patterns. That is what I have found in my little town.

I would check out the prices on-line as they may be cheaper or you might find a good sale. I tried a Google search and there is some out there under "quilted fabric by the yard" but searching is difficult because so many "quilt fabric" results come up.


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