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bamasusannaAugust 25, 2007

Today we went to a HUGE craft fair in Cary, NC. Its close to Raleigh, about 1 hour from our house.

This was the 31st year for the event. It was a one day thing, from 9-5. There were close to 500 craft booths!! It was wonderful, except for it being close to 100 degrees again.

There were several stained glass artist, but I only saw 1 with mosaics. Needless to say, I got so inspired just from looking at everyones stuff.

We also plan on going to Hendersonville, NC next weekend for their Apple Festival. Its a wonderful event with crafts and food..lots of Apple slices with caramel sauce for dipping!

What are some of the events going on in your neck of the woods?

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Oh my LANTA!!! I'm not real big on garge sale-ing yet, but today I went to a "garage sale" in a convention center. There were hundreds of tables of...stuff. There were also thousands of people (it seemed) and all of them pushing, shoving, grabbing, babies crying, stuff shattering, people complaining. It was kind of scary. I two plates, one silver and one gold each with glitter. Glitter is like my favorite color! I'm dying to order those gliter tiles from that one online source (I'm waiting for the perfect project so I order the correct color!) I need to go to thrift stores around here. I'm really bad about going to antiqe shops. Duh! Way more expensive. Here we have a HUGE (for us) craft fair in the fall. It takes up three or four convention centers all over town. I think that's big. Anyway, most people in the tri-state area go to that one. Are you close to Greensboro?

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According to yahoo maps, I'm approx 76 miles from Greensboro. Close to you?

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Around here we have the Ann Arbor Art Fair...really art more than crafts but bery inspiring. Ususally hot and humid (mid-July). I haven't gone in a couple years.

The craft sales start in the fall


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Bama- Unfortunately, no. I'm in Southeast Missouri. My brother is as at Camp LaJune (sp) actually he is on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea right now being a Marine. But, his girlfriend lives in Greensboro.

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Hey KELLY! Where in SE MO, and where is that craft fair? I am near Harrison AR.

Around here the biggest thing is the War Eagle Arts and Crafts Fair in October. It is THE A&C fair in the area, but there are lots of others. I have only been to War Eagle a time or two, more than a decade ago. It was fine early in the morning, but it was shoulder to shoulder by noon and NOT FUN (to me anyway). I haven't been back. Give me the little hometown fairs any day. Here in our town, we have Harvest Homecoming, the same weekend as War Eagle.

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