my first meeting as a G.S. Leader

shellybelly26August 27, 2007

Tonight Lea and I had our first meeting as the official leaders. When we told the parents the changes we intended in implimenting they all seemed receptive. more than half of the people we sent flyers too showed up which couldve been better but its not bad. I felt like we were very organized and things went very smoothly it only took us about 45 minutes to go over all the paperwork

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I'll bet you are going to be a super-fantastic leader. I'm sure you can incorporate a mosaic project somewhere ;-)


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Let me tell ya, as a 5th grade teacher, "seeming" receptive is a gigantic step in the right direction. Good luck with the Girl Scouts! Let me know if I can round up any materials for you!

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I am thinking that we may do a BB for the garden we planted at the Bartow GS house where we have our annual winter sleepover. I was thinking I could lat each girl so a section of it and we could some how make a base for it we could all sign and then seal it. Kelly I will deff. let you know of anything I can think of that we need. right now I am trying to find a sizzix machine. cheap, as I would like to buy it and donate it to the troop. The former leader worked at the school last year so she had access to alot of stuff we dont, like the phone tree and laminator and copier and printers. So if we need any of those things we are either going to have to beg the school or buy the stuff and do it ourselves

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What the heck is a sizzix machine?

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a sizzix is a scrapbooking tool used to make die cuts.

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