Kitchen, dining, livingroom all open?

schutjerMarch 4, 2010

We are looking into a log home that has a living room, kitchen, dining all in one. We are used to separate rooms currently.

Pics here:

Any ideas on how to work the space? I do know that I plan on adding my own moveable island to the kitchen. Could we fit a dining table between the living area and kitchen? Looks like the ceiling fan/light combo is made for over the dining area.

anyone see a dishwasher in the kitchen? as listing states there is one, but I don't see it.

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We had a log house we built and it had one long room kitchen dinning room living room all in one. Was nice. We did have an island built and had the dinning room next to kitchen them merged into living room. Worked well for us. The house you linked to is very nice looking.

I noticed on your blog some one asked if the house was logs or just sided. I tried to look as close as I could . The house we built was real logs and they were milled in three sides so the inside wall was a flat wall.

Really hard to tell from your pictures if this house is solid logs or just sided. Still very nice looking house.


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Thanks. I don't believe its solid logs. But, I don't want a full log home anyway. I would prefer half log though.

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Great house!

The dishwasher may be to the right of the refrigerator. There are 4 uppers, but you can only see the three drawers next to the sink.

Open floor plans can be a decorating challenge. I'd try and put the table near the glass doors but not so it obstructs traffic flow.

Have you posted this on the decorating forum?

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