Shades, I'd like to do something with this tile, any ideas?

marti8aMarch 7, 2012

This is the tile took off the backsplash and I'd like to make a trivet or even something small to hang on the wall. I always liked the border tile and would like to make something so I can keep a bit of it.

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Maybe you can do an edge on a flower pot. Canister top. Do you have a tile saw so you can cut it neatly into squares. I am assuming you mean just the border tiles?

If you did a straight sided canister you could to the top edge in the border tile. Looks like you only have about 20 inches unless you have some left over tucked away some where. I can see the rest filled in with nipped dishes in yellows and the colors you have in that border.Just need to be sure they are all the same thickness.

I also like the straight edging then random cuts as fill in.

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I think I have quite a bit of the gray still unused somewhere, but I'm not sure how much of the border.

Most of the border pieces cracked when I took the backer board off. I don't have a good tile saw, just one of those where you lay a tile across it and zip the blade across, then press down to snap it apart. Cuts near the edges don't work well.

We kept enough good pieces to do a trivet, hot landing spot of about 18" x 18". Or I could do a rectangular planter to put on the window sill.

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either one of those would be great to have.

what are you going to use for counter top? if you've posted it, I don't remember.

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Trivet would be nice. I would consider doing the trivet with one large tile base. This way you do not have to worry about wood swelling and breaking your tiles again. I would put the glazed side of the tile down and do the mosaic on the ruff side. then some nice little tiles around the edges or just grout around the edges.

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Oh good idea shades. I'll look at lowes for a big tile

Steph, I haven't been able to decide. I know I don't want granite. I like the look of soapstone, but I've never actually touched any. I like Corian but I've heard some bad things about it too. Formica is easy, it look ok, and quite frankly, I'm a messy cook and it wears well. I may get one that looks like stone and call it good.

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Yeah, I figured Shades would nail it for you, Marti. I totally get saving part of the house's past to see every time you cook.

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