A fun camp breakfast

daisymeJuly 10, 2008

I wrote to Flag and she thought you might all like to know about this too.

We've been out camping a lot with friends, and we've got a fun way to make breakfast the way EVERYBODY likes it. We grate a couple different kinds of cheese, chop up some cooked bacon, ham, and onion, and anything else that's about. Then we put two or three scambled (but uncooked) eggs in a ziplock bag for each person with some salt and pepper and invite the friends to add whatever else they want from the rest of the stuff. Put each person's name on their bag with a permanent ink pen. Then we just pop them in a big pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes. Easy and FUN!

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WOW!! I GOTTA try this!!! Great way to have everybody eat at once too, compared to individual omletes! Thanks for sharing this!!!

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Wow, my boys love to make omelettes, but they make big messes doing it! I'll have to have them try this! Thanks!

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