Floorplaln for our small house

brutusesMarch 22, 2008

I finally have my floor plan for my small home we are building It's roughly 1900 sq. ft.

The kitchen is a bit different than what is pictured as there is no center island and the other island is more of a curved L shape.

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I love your house! Now all I have to do is figure out how to scale it down to 1200 sq ft LOL! One of these days I'll post my latest and greatest floor plan- I've got a million of 'em.

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flgargoyle, thanks for the compliment. I don't remember where I saw it, but I saw some plans for a house that was identical to mine on the outside and only 1100 or so sq. ft. on the inside. Actually it might have been even less because it only had one bedroom and a huge great room. If I find it again, I'll post it for you.

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I like it,....assuming you are significantly younger than I :)
I'm referring to all the many things that require consideration (for us), not the least is making the house wheelchair-friendly (just in case). Also, it's desirable to have the garage on the same level as the kitchen, and attached, making it more handy to unload groceries.
I would love to see a front elevation drawing 'cause I'm assuming it looks great,....as you know we love front porches.

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Willie, here are some photo's of the outside.

Front porch

Back porch

Almost finished front door

Side porch/entrance

House and garage

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That is really beautiful, all the details. And 1900 sounds like a mansion to me. Huge master bath, open kitchen/living area and foyer....things I'd love.

I'm with Willie a bit on connecting the garage to the house. A door from garage with a breezeway between would be something I'd do. Although there are a lot of small houses around here that don't even have garages. Mine is attached, but no door to inside, was one of the things planned when moving in. Hasn't happened and appears I'll never get to it without a major remodel of the kitchen.

Is it common not to connect garages in your area and houses need to be raised from ground level?

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Believe me, 1900 sq. ft is a mansion to us too. We most propbably wouldn't have built that big, but it was the minimum for that subdivision. Actaully ours is the smallest house out there. People, including the tax collector, thinks it's a lot bigger than it is. That's because the porch gives that illusion.

Right now we live in 1100 sq. ft. with one bath that you can't turn around in, no closet space and well, you get the idea, absolutely too small for us and the big dogs. LOL

We love to have people over, but can't in our current house. The floor plan is not right and to correct it would have cost a small fortune. Since the neighborhood is going down we thought the best thing to do was build our retirement home and get out while the getting is good.

The reason we couldn't connect our garage was because of the footprint of the lot. You can't see it from the front, but the lot is not square. On the left as it goes back it gets smaller. The reason we were able to buy this land was because of this "flaw." Otherwise we could have never been able to afford a lot in that neighborhood. No one thought a house could be built on that lot, but we proved them wrong.

Our garage was actually suppose to be higher than it is, but the guy pouriing the foundation misunderstood my husband, he wasn't there to watch it being done, and well, what can I say, it's a lot lower than we would have liked. When it's time for the drives to be poured they'll have to dig down and tear out a lot of earth in order to fit the cement. It will be OK, but not what we wanted.

Glad you like the house.

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the garage is adorable. and i like it lower...it lets the house take center stage. very very nice house!! kren

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I love your double front doors, and the whole house! I don't really understand why you can't connect the garage (footprint of the lot and all). I didn't think a connected garage was a feature when I was house shopping 15 years ago but we have one and I loved it right away.

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