Prayers, please, for DH's health

curbdiver1954July 2, 2008

It's been a difficult few weeks...I just started a sort of new job (same client, but different company administering it), then we got word that DH has to have a heart catheterization, probably on the 10th. He has been sort of short of breath and somewhat dizzy feeling when he exerts himself (esp in the heat we've been having). Dr had him do a battery of tests, including a nuclear stress test where they had him do a treadmill, then injected him with a dye stuff and had him do the treadmill again. Shows he possibly has some blockage in one or more arteries, so he is going back on the 7th for final tests, etc. before the cath on the 10th. They've told him that if there's just one, fairly new blockage they'll go ahead and do a stent right then. If there's more than one, or if the blockage is older, then they'll have to use another approach - either scheduling for multiple stents or treating an older blockage with medication adjustment.

I am terrified that there's something really wrong with his heart...he's always been the hard-charging type, gung-ho at everything he hard to watch him try to slow down and know he's very frustrated and frightened.

Please add him to your prayer list for everything to be treatable with (relative) ease.


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Pat _ He is now on the top of the list...I pray that all will go well and it is amazing what they can do now. This surgery they speak of is not too invasive and with proper diet and exercise he should come thru with flying colors. Keep us posted as to how he is doing.
Best wishes, Carol

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Hopefully it isn't as bad as you think. Actually, when they get that blockage open he'll feel alot better

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Of course, adding your husband to my prayers. Keep us posted.

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Same here.

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Healing prayers are on the way.


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How scary for you both! Hoping all turns out well. They are pretty good at detecting and fixing those minor heart problems these days....try not to worry. (yeah, I know, it's like saying try not to breathe). Let us know the good news after the 10th!

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Pat, we are really really lucky to live in this day and age of medicine. I surely understand your worry, but hope you can put your fears in the hands of God and the doctors. We will, of course, have you in our hearts and prayers until we hear that everything is all right.

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Just got DH home and comfortably settled...a VERY long day as we were up at 3 to be at the VA by 6. The WONDERFUL news is there was no blockage...little bits of plaque here and there, but the cardiologist says he isn't concerned about them. Of course, the potential for heart problems was the BIG we wait for a week till he goes in for a follow up and to find out what tests they need to do next to find out why he gets short of breath and has tightness in his chest when he exerts very much.

THANK YOU for keeping him in your prayers! I know it helped this have a positive outcome.


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That IS great news, CURB. Thought about y'all today, and am so glad to hear this news. W/keep you in my prayers.

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Great, hope the rest of the news is as good!!

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Pat, sorry keep forgetting about t his side. Thrilled that your news was good for your DH. Let's hope they just tell him to take it easy for a bit, or maybe make some med changes. It seems extra hard when it is someone we love that is ill rather than ourselves doesn't it?

We're thinking of you both and hoping things just get better, besides you have that new kitty, right, that was in the pix with the fish? Great for some extra support and purriing.

take care.

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I'm so glad everything is better than you thought. They say that Worry is us using our imagination in a negative way, and I think being the artsy types we tend to have a well developed imagination! ha! (Just trying to lighten the mood) I'm glad it is such good news!!! Jane

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Hi Pat, just came over here for the first time in a long time. Sorry first to hear about your DH's trouble, then very GLAD to hear that it's much better news than it could have been! Will keep praying for him to be completely healed!

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So glad you got good news.

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