Afternoon Adventure

rchoveyJuly 11, 2008

Let me share my adventure with you..... I went out to check the garden to see how much damage the groundhog had done today.... luckily he hadn't dug another hole under the fence...yet. Picked a few peppers and cucumbers, walked back to the house, up the the top of the steps I was almost face to face with this guy sitting in the tree just outside my front door:

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OMG I know you don't want bears coming around your house, but I have to say he looks really cute sitting on your railing like that. Are you going to have to take your feeder down? (that is if he didn't already destroy it)

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OMG exactly. My first thought was a a cute lil' fella, and my second was. WHOA!!!! where is Mama???

Does this happen very often?? Where do you live?? I think i would have been torn between sweet talking the guy and screaming as I ran away LOL

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Yeah...gotta take the feeder in. He's started coming around every afternoon around 2:00. He didn't completely destroy it, just a little bent out of shape. I called the sheriff's dept, spoke with someone in animal control, they don't do anything about the bears...."take your feeder in ma'am"....ummmm, he won't let me have it right now.... Last fall I think his Dad came to visit, He was eating out of the feeder, sitting on his butt on the deck. BIG GUY. He really scared me. This one made me quite nervous, got a little too close for comfort looking him right in the face at the top of the steps. Took a while for my heart to slow down.

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Well, I'm not complaining about the deer in my yard now...I'd be freaked out and look like your smiley face too!!!heh heh! I'm so happy to see you posting!!! I've missed you! and all your wonderful creations!!! I haven't done a thing all summer...for like 2 months now! Too busy with garden and house projects.

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Welll.....while doing my morning yard tour this morning, I found some pretty serious bear damage. Not sure if this young fellow did it, or maybe his mama. I have an area in the corner of my yard I affectionately call the "zen garden", I've had plans for it since we moved here 7 years ago...anyway, it had a nice wooden bench and a concrete Japanese lantern. I say "had". The bench is now firewood and the middle section of the lantern is broken. (it came in 3 pieces...very heavy). The top of the lantern looks as if it has been thrown into the bench, bench turned over in pieces, middle section of lantern broken, and base turned over but still intact. Very distructive behavior! This lantern has needed mosaiced since day's time has come. I think I can put the middle section back together with Bondo...then mosaic it. I'll keep you posted on this idea.

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Just be careful..and keep the food and "bear toys" in until they move on. Scarey..

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Pictures of bear damage:



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Just get an extra long line on your torch and chase em away!!!hee hee! Just kiddin'!!! But now that I've mentioned it, have you welded anything fun lately? Or have you been out riding? I have finally managed to foil the deer from being in my back yard, and have ROSES...and even leaves on the rose bushes!!!!! I still need tofence the 1/4 acre down below but the fruit trees are fenced and now are getting fruit.

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OMG! Brings back memories of my life in Alaska.
One year the bears were so hungry they came right into base housing.
Walked right in the back door of our friends home as they went swiftly out the front!

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