help my plan: move fridge or pay the price?

home4all6May 23, 2013

I've just recently posted my plans for the new kitchen. Well, now that the space is gutted, there are a few hiccups, from the floor above. There is some ductwork and plumbing that needs to be dealt with.
The main problem is that the plumbing stack from the upstairs toilet comes down right in the middle of my planned fridge spot. So, I can pay more to have it moved to the space next to my fridge, and lose some of that broom closet, or I can move my fridge.
But I just don't see HOW I can move my fridge anywhere else in this I'm asking for your help.
Is there a spot to move it? Should I rethink the entire layout? Or just pay to have it moved over?
Did I mention the room is gutted?

Red cirle shows where plumbing stack is currently located:

new kitchen/DR floorplans. That plumbing stack falls right about on the "z" of freezer in the plans:

Here is a link that might be useful: previous post with more layout details

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Well, darn. Sorry to hear it. Are you really interested in tossing your cards in the air and rethinking the entire layout, though? That seems a little extreme given its excellence. If you aren't, at least you very fortunately HAVE a less dramatic solution and can leave the refrigerator just where it needs to be.

And, happily, broom closets don't have to be deep or wide to be functional, right?

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That's too bad; I like the location of the fridge where your plan shows it for a number of reasons and it looks like a good layout (tho I'm no expert.)

How much would it cost to move the stack? And would it require a renovation of the bathroom above the kitchen?

Since you're paying for a kitchen renovation anyway, which we all know isn't cheap, I think if you didn't pay the incremental fee for moving the stack and ended up with a compromised layout you would regret it. I say this, though, not knowing what it would cost and whether the whole stack straight up has to move or whether it can be angled enough above the fridge to come down the rest of the way in the broom closet space.

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