tips on sewing sleeves/zipper

jujucraftsNovember 16, 2010

Hi there:

I've been sewing for 3 years, but most of my projects have not involved too complicated techniques. I feel like I am ready for a new challenge and was hoping to get a few suggestions on the best techniques to attach sleeves (or any round sewing for that matter) and zippers.

Thank you in advance for the help!

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Jujucrafts. Have you ever thought of sewing a duffle bag? It includes the sewing in a circle and the zipper and is a great first project. There are patterns online and in some books that may it at your library. I usually put the straps on first then sew the zipper. Sew the zipper in on one side with right side of the fabric down to the right side of the zipper fold over so right side is up again and sew that side of the zipper again so it will be a very secure zipper and then repeat for the other side. Pin the circle to the rube and stitch. I usually hand baste the circle and tube together so it will be easier to machine stitch and then repeat for the other side. It is a great first project that I can use to take projects to events where my children are playing or when I go to the Y to work out. It is a fast project that will give you an item to use right away. If you make the side shorter you could use as a purse also.

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I do sew but haven't made clothes/tops for a long time. For sleeves do make sure you mark the dots on the patterns to the material and match them up. I usually do very small snips/cuts in fabric to mark the dots, but be very careful if you do that so you don't cut too far. (Try using a lightweight cotton fabric for first project, just easier to work with) That marks on the pattern helps for the proper distribution of fabric. You do have to ease in and stretch the fabric to get it all fit together. I usually used just pins and never hand basted, but for the first time I would hand baste after you get it all pinned, lots of pins. ...Zippers, never did too many, they usually have good directions on the package.

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The directions on the zipper pkg are very good,read them over a few time b4 you do your project.Why not make a simple make up bag with a zipper first.It's made with the fabric in it's flat form(before it's joined together)insert the zipper,then make sure you UNZIP the zipper,put right side together and sew up the rest of the seams.

Sleeves aren't hard either,just follow the directions with the pattern and before you know it you'll be a pro at both things.

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The best tip my mother taught me was to sew on the inside of a circle. That goes for everything - sleeves, hems, no matter what. It may seem obvious, but when you are wrestling with a lot of fabric, it almost feeds itself if you are sewing on the inside of the circle.

If it isn't clear from what I wrote, it will be as soon as you start arranging your pieces. Don't be afraid of zippers or sleeves; you'll get the hang of it.


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