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bbstxJuly 10, 2014

I have fallen in love - hard! My house is very traditional and I'm totally in love with the BluDot Strut Console in Watermelon, no less!

Modern Coffee Tables by Sacramento Lighting Lumens

It is the perfect size for my dining room. It is 60" long x 11.5" deep x 30" high.

Can I make this work or should I find a more suitable object for my affection? Can we grow old together or is this just a passing infatuation?

Here is my dining room. The console would go on the unseen wall to the far left in the photograph.

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I thought you were reporting spam! LOL

I've been to the BluDot in LA and bought a bed for my teen soon. The employees at the store are lovely and I'm happy with the quality of the bed.

I'd have to see more of your space to make a decision. Do you have other colors like watermelon in the living areas? If you had a funky art piece that brought in those colors and the color was repeated somewhere else, then I think it might work. Maybe a modern rug under the table? Need more data to be able to enable this inappropriate attachment!!

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You could indulge yourself now and then later cover it with a nice tapestry throw if you tire of it.

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I think this may be an infatuation. I'm all for eclecticism, but unless you plan to change other elements in your dining room, I think this table won't make you happy long term. Could you use it outside in a protected area, in a craft room or in an extra bedroom?

The room might be able to accept the table in the slate color, but even that's a long shot, IMHO.

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It might also depend on how burdensome this sassy interloper may be on your budget? One week's groceries or a months? If the ardor cools, will it taunt you sitting there? Or could you stand to cast it aside? Or repurpose it?

Personally I love things that are "unexpected" when decorating.

And I agree with chispa that more details would help to decide. Love the idea of using artwork and/or textiles to tie it together.

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I will post more pictures, but please bear in mind, we moved in about 4 months ago. I move glacially, so there is much left to be done. As I'm fond of saying, the house is functional but not decorated. Also, DH just had knee surgery so we have his ugly blue recliner parked square in front of the TV (think of it as an homage to Frazier's dad). I'm hopeful it will go live with DS soon.

The house is all grays, creams, and aquas with bits of caramel and chestnut. There is no watermelon anywhere in the house. I looked at the slate and the cream consoles, but

The living room from the dining room

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Entry. When I find the right size and color, I intend to put a cowhide rug here.

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Wall where console would go. Ignore lamp and sofa table there now. They are going eventually.

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Except for the chair/ottoman and greenish lamp I don't see any other colour except brown.

So, do you like colour? Do you like this colour? What do you actually need for that space? What do you envision putting on top of this console?

Do you have another painting such as those to the right of your TV that you can put over it?

This colour is quite strong to be a stand-alone item. I would, if you have the decorating guts, see if you can make it work however it will require some reworking of the room.

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It is either in DR or no where. In the DR it would sort of beckon from behind the chairs without standing out brazenly, just a sly wink as you walk in the door

The price isn't bad. Too much for me to think of it as disposable, but not so much that I wouldn't enjoy it for several years and then pass on to a child or a niece or nephew for their first home/apartment.

Left an incomplete sentence in post above. I looked at the slate, the cream, and the navy, but the watermelon stole my heart.

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The rug is aqua. The sofa is gray. And the DR chairs are aqua cut velvet on a champagne background. Guess I managed to get all the browns and none of the other colors.

I have no plans or desire to decorate around this piece. Either it works as an unexpected accent, or this entanglement is finis! And I move on to boring Bob, who has an excellent pedigree, comes from a good family, and who I will learn to love even though I will always wonder what if I had had nerve to break out the of the expected. (Bob has yet to be found, but we all know he's out there.)

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It's a clever table, but it's not really complementary to your home or furnishings. You just have a crush. It will pass.

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I agree with Bevery. This table is a sly interloper. This table is a bad boy, a dropout with a tattoo. This table will eventually break your heart and leave you weeping by the side of the road.

Even in the photo above, the stylist needed a strong dose of color in the artwork to balance it. And even that wasn't enough. There had to be a whimsical fish... and then... flowers. An unsucessful attempt to anchor it.

This table will race around your house at night when everyone is asleep, This table will smoke cigars and shout post-modern poetry in obscure foreign languages.

Let him pass.

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This too shall pass.

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Hey Bev - I could have used that, couldn't I? (dont' worry, I love what I got :-) )

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You know what--I think you should go for it. It is your home and if it makes you smile then you should have it. Your home is one place you shouldn't have to follow rules. Even adding a piece of art above the table that has muted colors that include the watermelon color would be enough to make it a pleasing feature in your room. Satine

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It looks to me like there is not enough room for a table in that space.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

No. I am not lyrical at all, so, No.

If you had other similar pieces I would say yes, but your house is traditional and it would appear you like it. I love your table and chairs, btw. But, this piece needs more of the same angles in other places and you don't have that. You have curves throughout.
Give it a month and see how you still feel about it. If then, it still calls you, get it, as it's your home!

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Would you consider switching out the art above the fireplace, which looks as if it has a bit of watermelonish detail, with the one in the dining room?

I always weigh regrets: will I always regret that I didn't try it, when I can't quit imagining how it would have looked - or, would I regret having spent the $ and having to sell it on CL next year because I just couldn't make it work? I'm impulsive and those bad boys with tattoos were SO, so appealing; I knew I shouldn't, but did it anyway!

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You love it, I say go for it. I look at that console like a piece of Art. I buy art because I love the piece or in some cases the artist. They don't have the right colors for my rugs but they make me smile.

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I would go for it. I love quirky items that make me smile and now, you have me wondering and looking around here...maybe....

Since you have no delusions about it and are realistic in what might happen down the road, it can't hurt to give it a try. If it can't carry its weight in the dining room, maybe under the painting we can sort of see in the hall? I bet you will find a spot somewhere for it.

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Love your house and as someone who loves traditional and melon colors... Go for it. :)

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I say give it a week or two...then if it's still in your head...go for it! Like you said, it's not so expensive that if you can't make it work or grow tired of it, you're out major $.

You could also find out the return policy..if it's 30-60 days bring it home and give it a try risk free.

Very pretty house!

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you love it, get it. Put it in you DR and then add that same color elsewhere in the at least 2 other it art, seat cushions, table arrangement, window treatment, whatever...then it will go.

I remember visiting San Simeon and so many items in each room didn't go...wrong period, wrong style, wrong whatever...but they all worked as they were linked with color. Do the same and it'll be fine.

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I really can't see it making you happy or being loyal to you. One odd piece does not make electicsism. Is that a word? It doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that will stay the night. 8) There are a lot of tables in the world. I think you will have to dance..decorate very hard to make him want to stick around. Browse through Ballard Design for a classier gent. You can still get something edgy, just not over the edge.

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Come to think of it, you could hang an oversized (read, huge) piece of artwork (painting) on that same wall. Any or all the colors you want. It would be the perfect place for it and be your unexpected touch.

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I agree with all those who say to get it. It's not a life investment for goodness sake.

And, when you tire of it, give it away.
But, for now and maybe many months from now, it will make you smile every time you walk past it.

Do you really care if "it goes" with the rest of your house?
Will the decorating police come knocking on your door if you purchase this item?

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There's no rush, right? It'll still be available in a few weeks? Wait a bit and if you still love it, buy it!

There are a couple of photos of the table on Houzz (not the watermelon color though) you can check out for styling ideas. Maybe you can swap out the art over your fireplace with the dining room art to compliment the color of the table. Add another couple bits of watermelon color to the room and enjoy. Be careful though, I think that table is some kind of seductive gateway decor...

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I suspect all of you who tell me he won't fit in at Thanksgiving dinner with the family are accurate. I don't really think he'll do anything outrageous, but they'll look at him and think "NOKD."

Before I accept his offer to go steady, I'll think on it a bit more.

Regardless, I haven't had this much fun since the 7th grade, scoping out the bad boy with the tattoos and no future, but, man!, did he have dreamy eyes. And swagger!

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I think your table has a name. Gor-DON, as in the Sprint Framily ad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gor-Don is the one on the right.

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If it is cheap enough, go for the fling and when you are over it, use it outside for a summer bar.

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He may be a Gor-DON, but in my eyes, he's not that far out there.

I can handle his running through the house shouting post-modernist poetry in obscure languages, but he's not suitable for outdoors, so his cigar smoking will have to cease tout suite.

Thanks to a lovely chat person at AllModern, a color swatch is on its way. I want to see what 3 architects in Minneapolis think Watermelon looks like.

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No one ever said on their deathbed "I had too many flings". Find something else watermelon to tie it in, and then get it.

But for heavens' sake use protection.

On your floors. Use protection when you move furniture across your floors.

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Ok, you have to bring that bad boy, I mean it, home because I really want to see how he, shoot, I mean it, fits into your home life.

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I sometimes get a yearning for something totally different, but then I realize that in the long run it would not be a good idea. You know that when decorating, when you make a change like that it doesn't stop at the table. Just be prepared to make other changes to fit it in.

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I have to shate a quote I saw on a plaque last week at the garden center:

"Just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean it won't be a good time!"

Go for it.

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So get it already!! lol it's obvious you want it. What's *need* got to do with it ?!?!

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I actually think it's just what your dining room needs! It's unexpected and very cool.

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I'm saving myself for the swatch. I discovered that All+Modern (or is it AllModern+) sells it with a 30 day return policy and free shipping. Interesting, the "free shipping" is for the carrier to bring it to my drive-way then I have to unload it from the truck. At 31 pounds, he certainly isn't a fatso! So, if the swatch isn't ghastly, neon-y, omg-y, I'll order it.

Is 30 days sufficient time for lust to run its course? Will I know how I truly feel in such a short time? Will my friends drop by just to see the new resident -- and to laugh at the inappropriateness?

Stay tuned....

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Just an FYI-I left the All-American, khakis and polo shirts guy at the altar in favor of the long haired, tattooed bad boy 25 years ago and we're still together.

I suspect this scrumptious watermelon fella might just be the one who works out for you. Not all bad boys will break your heart. They might cause tongues to wag, but it's your knees that will get weak..

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Here are some really weak photoshopping attempts. I couldn't get a really good photo out the dining room pic so I also did your living room with the melon table, just to get an idea of it in your space. Hope it helps a little!

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Sorry this is not better.

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Oh, there she goes. Down the slippery slope. Next thing you know, she'll have a skull tattoo and a pierced navel.

Here is some artwork to hang over your new table:

Really, just kidding. The table is completely bewitching. Ask him if he has a brother.

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Y'all are cracking me up! Aktillery, I appreciate your photoshopping the table in. If anything, it made me even more infatuated.

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If you can be flexible about size you may want to check out the Slim tables in Colors at Room and Board. A cheaper date than BluDot, easier to break up with.

Personally I like the idea of this table if you are willing to put more contemporary pieces in the mix.

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BBstx, I LOVE the table and would definitely get it for,your dining NEED something in there to shake it up a bit! If you can find a funky fabric that includes the watermelon color and those in the painting that will hang above it, I would use it for small lumbar pillows on your dining chairs.

The lines of the table are marvelous!

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I will be that alter ego who eggs you on to get this piece.

Find the right pieces of artwork, perhaps a piece of sculpture (at least two items), find something brazen, something watermelon and, buy it before it is gone.

It will be a conversation piece and that little something that adds an element of surprise to your otherwise beautiful and as alter ego says, mundane room. Make it speak, make it sparkle, make it slurpy, sumptuous watermelon.

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I totally see that table working, especially if - as suggested by others - you repeat the colour elsewhere within the sightline(s). I think every room needs something that is unexpected, or clashes, to feel alive. Avoid a traditional approach to dressing the table up - no pairs of vases, plants, etc. I think a big plant placed asymmetrically would work.

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I know I posted some silly "artwork" but seriously... a great print would provide some brilliant color-companionship.

I looked for the dog print, which was originally sold through Anthropologie, but is no longer available.

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McClarke, someone has to help to lead us not into temptation. You rock! UR2Funny.

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If you search on the terms "mixing modern and traditional furniture" you get endless examples. When you look, you will realize that there are no rules! Some of it looks hideous/crazy to me and some of it looks great ... it just depends on your personal taste.

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I have a neighbor/good friend who is an artist and has promised me something for my new house. Maybe I'll ask her to include the watermelon color in what she does for me.

pal, thanks for the R&B recommendation. I like their Colors collection. Unfortunately, they do not have a piece as narrow (or is he just shallow?). The custom parsons table could be made in nearly the same dimension, but then it would cost as much as the Strut.

mc, how disappointing that the dog picture is no longer available. I don't know that it would have worked for me, but I thought it was interesting.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions of how to make Mr. Izzy Wright fit into the family smoothly.

Waiting for the swatches....

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Thought you might like to know that your "silly artwork" is actually from the creative mind of Keith Haring, a popular NY artist of the 80s. As an openly gay man who died of AIDS, illness, death and dying became a big part of his later work. But earlier pieces were much like this one, almost playful in their exuberance, and have brought smiles to millions of fans all over the globe; they now sell in the 6 figure range; his sculptures go for $1,000,000+. I'd give my eye teeth to have one of his pieces!

And bbstx, I love that color! I have a friend who is an art dealer and she's always said that every room should have something in it that is unexpected and/or makes people smile. I try to do that and I really like it - it DOES make me smile!

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I like it, and don't even think you need to bring in the colour elsewhere. I've read a lot of articles in design mags lately about a statement piece, left to stand on its own without repeating the colour elsewhere. It only works once. You can't have 3 accent pieces because then it looks like a garage sale. But given all the brown you've got. I tink it would stand out nicely.

I also think the colour on its own is very traditional, which works with the rest of the decor. If you were to upholster traditional dining chair seats in that, nobody would be shocked. But I also think that while your general style is traditional, you do have a modern streak that you need to let out here and there.

Do it!!

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You obviously love it. I say get it! I think it can fit in with your other pieces.

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The swatches came!!!! I put the soup can in the picture for reference. Sometimes the "watermelon" looks like it has a tinge of orange and other times it seems to have a bit of pink. I think he's a Chameleon stealing his way into my eyes (a nod to Sir Elton)

The cream and slate are nice -- the guys your mom would pick for you. But they can't hold a candle to "watermelon."

I'm sitting where I have a clear view of his side of the dining room. I 'm dreaming of him sitting there during Thanksgiving dinner, winking at me with wry humor. I'm a goner!

edited to add pictures

This post was edited by bbstx on Fri, Jul 25, 14 at 20:24

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Yay! I am so glad. You did yourself right when you said, "I'm saving myself for the swatch," LOL. You waited-- he's the one.

Gosh, I can think of a horribly (but funny) inappropriate comment right now, but I will keep it to myself.

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Do you have room for this one just under 10 ft. It would be handsome along a bank of windows. Consignment store find for $795. I love it in the right room.

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anele, I'll bet it is funny as can be.

Cam, that is a gorgeous piece of furniture but way too large for my house.

Sister came by today. I had not previously mentioned my inappropriate attachment to her. But today I spilled the beans -- swatches and pictures. She likes him!! He'll have at least one kind soul watching over him at family dinners.

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You have to get hitched. Absolutely!

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Hitched?!?! That is so permanent. Can't we just have a fling for a couple of years?

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Absolutely, bbstx!

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This thread has infused this table with so much personality I think it will be hard to split up. But fling away! LOL.

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Gorgeous color. Love it. Buy it.

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Okay, I missed have the comments because I had to roll down to the bottom to comment on mclarke's post -- that was hilarious! I really enjoyed it -- thanks!

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I need this watermelon for my watermelon table by Wyatt Waters, a wonderful watercolorist.

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I'm shamelessly bumping this up in hopes for getting feedback from @bbstx on the Strut table - specifically, durability? I'm looking at getting one of the Strut coffee tables for a room that will see a lot of legos and un-coastered drinks. Some of the reviews mentioned scratching - I wondered if you have any sense of how sturdy the top is? The table is one of the few that is the right size/color/price, but if it's going to be a scratched up mess from every single lego, then I'll probably pass. Thanks so much for any real-life feedback!

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I'd like to know too. I'm considering the console for my dining room- in watermelon of course. bbstx, did you ever get this bad boy? If so, how has it worked out for you?

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I didn't know the old posts from GW would still be on here. That's great!

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He arrived. As I predicted, most of the family and friends are too polite to ask what he is doing here. But he gets lots of sideways glances. Are they thinking "OMG, how did she snag something that good looking?" or are they thinking "OMG, did she bring him home after a late night and now he won't leave?"

I'm still looking for a fabulous piece of art to put over it. Something with just a touch of watermelon in it. It will happen. I'm in no hurry.

small, the console is very sturdy, even though I put it together myself. I think the fact that they send a special microfiber cloth for dusting answers your question about scratching. It is VERY shiny - almost glass like. I have put felt pads on everything that sits on it. I have told my housekeeper to be especially careful when dusting it. I think it would be a scratched up within the first week if your children are going to play on it.

Have you looked at Room and Board, like Pal suggested to me above? One of these might work for you or one of the By the Inch tables plus you get to choose the material your top is made of. I don't believe children preclude nice furniture, but I think we have to be realistic about expectations for little ones. If it is going in an area where they are free to play, then the Strut may not be your best bet.

Blue, I think it is perfect in a dining room. I would not, however, use it as a buffet without a plan for protecting it from scratches. Plus, it is very narrow, only the width of a dinner plate - so, narrower than a platter. But I wanted something very narrow. Have you called Blu Dot to get swatches? The watermelon might be redder than you think. I got swatches of watermelon, slate, and cream. The watermelon sang to me (I think it used Pharrel Williams voice and kept repeating the word "happy.")

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Thanks so much @bbstx! I'm glad he's settled into your home and really appreciate your good advice. I figured he was too good to be true for me! My big challenge is that I need a relatively narrow table to go between 2 dark velvety sofas. The table will sit on a Persian rug that's mostly cream & light colors, so I don't want something too dark - but bright white won't work either. I'll probably post a new thread once the sofas arrive on Friday.

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small, have you looked at the slim cocktail table at Room & Board ? It comes in an array of colors and can be had in a 36 long x 12 wide x 16 high version?

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Thanks bbstx! I did get the watermelon and the navy samples. I was holding the watermelon chip, asking my husband if he liked it when I noticed that it was the exact color of his shirt. I guess he does like that color. I like it too- happy is a good word for it. Thanks for the info on the finish and scratching. I'll have to give that some thought.

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Thanks @bbstx - I did look on line but it might be worth a trip to the R&B near my office to see if the taupe is a possibility. I'll know for sure once the sofas are here, but I'm aiming for 20-22" width, which has been a big factor narrowing my options.

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While you are at R&B, check out their "By the Inch" offerings. Colors are pretty limited, but you can get precisely the size you want.

My experience with Blu Dot is that they are very nice and helpful. Give them a call and see if the Strut can be made in a matte finish. Or tell them the size you need and see what they have to offer.

I bought my Strut from All+Modern. They were very nice too. I can't remember exactly why I went with A+M, either their return policy or their shipping price. Check out their website and see if they have anything to suit. Here's a 22" wide coffee table at All+Modern. If you can push it to 26" wide, check out this one. Good luck to you! (One of these days I'm going to learn how to post pictures.)

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a
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