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seaglassicJuly 18, 2007

I figured that somewhere along the line, it would be a bit of trouble, for the ones in charge of the website, for personal things to be posted on the forum, so they have the 'overflow', to talk about anything other than the mosaic things....

I got started into any type of mosaic, about 4 years ago..I didn't do any projects, just gathered the dishes, and tools and ideas...broke dozens of dishes and catagorized them.

I have several milk crates full of vases and jars, with a huge stash of different design dishes and many projects in the works, but only a handful have been completed.

I did one very small mosaic, on a kitchen glass.

I liked it and thought that it was time to get some things done.

did a vase and set it in the front room window and there it sat.

I had started a complicated BB a long time ago but only got as far as one section, about 3"'s still waiting on me.

then, the frying pan swap came about and I got involved in that one..

it was more or less a determined effort, to break out of my mold of not completeing projects.

it was a way to push myself to finish something I had started. That was fun but nervewracking, cuz I had very little confidence in the final piece.

since then, I haven't done much else with any of it. I love to see all the hard work that everyone has put into their works and although I don't do much in the mosaicing, I doubt I would ever leave this site. there's a multitude of ideas and encouragement that keeps me on track.

now, I'm so into the porcelain painting that it's going to be limited in time that I actually do get time to start, much less finish a mosaic..but I'm encouraged, to keep trying.


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Sea: Thanks for sharing this! I'd love to be able to paint!! Can't paint if my life depended on it!! You've been thru so much lately, time to reassess and get a new plan of action, well just taking care of YOU I mean, I hope your Dr appt was good and you get some relief from your wrists. You wear your heart on your sleeve like I do and we forget about what we need! I'm freakin out cuz I quit my job and even tho it was part time, I still had a sense of independence And shopping money!heh heh! But I gotta make some serious changes in my life that I've put off for a long time and it's getting critical now. I gotta loose 80lbs and need to treat it like I did to getting off drugs and booze(18yrs now!) It goes deeper than just shedding a few lbs tho and will have to look at it like it is a self destructive behaviour. Deep stuff. So time to start a program of recovery and get journalling again! I'm so miserable right now cuz I am going on my 3rd week of no work and no anything(dealing with this issue) and am like a bear! I am avoiding doing what I set myself up to do! Recovery is like riding a bike up hill, if you stop pedalling, you start going backwards!!! Okay, I can here the Rocky theme music now so ....

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Well Jane, I can top you on the losing weight part...I need to lose over 100 lbs. My hubby and I are both diabetic, my kids are overweight too. We spend too much time sitting around watching TV in the evening and no one exercises at all. The most exercise I get is cutting my neighbor's lawn along with mine although it has been so dry here the grass doesn't grow very fast to even have to worry about cutting it.
The last year has been a difficult one for me. A year ago April my DH was laid off from his job which came as a total shock to us. We didn't have health insurance for over 3 months and the cost of our prescriptions killed us. DH was able to get another job but it doesn't pay as much as his last job and we have to pay a portion of our health insurance plus a bigger deductible for prescriptions. I tried to find a job, but I am profoundly deaf and unable to understand well enough to talk on the phone so that really narrows down the job selections. I don't have much confidence either, I mean it's been a LONG time since I had to work, I filled out a LOT of job applications but Michigan's economy sucks and there just isn't a lot of hiring going on. I did get a job at Christmas working nights stocking shelves at Dollar Tree. I was asked to stay on after Christmas but by my working nights nothing was getting accomplished...clothes weren't getting washed, dinner cooked, family is used to my being home and doing it all. It kills me that my kids have to help us pay bills. I was depressed until January 2007 when I decided that I couldn't change our money situation so I just need to take it one day at a time. My DH does a few air compressor repairs on the side and he gives me some of that money and tells me to spend it on myself to get craft supplies because he knows I enjoy crafting so much. I've tried to sell my crafts but haven't had much luck, people around here just don't have the extra cash to spend on stuff like that. Oh well, eventually things have to get better, right?

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Thanks for your reply Barb! Today I hung out with Klinger/Cindy and she is like a ray of sunshine in my life!! We just go to the thrift stores and find junk, our fav spot has a $1/bag sale 2x a week so we try and hit that on one of those days! It's just nice to talk crafts and such, go for coffee, it's sooo theraputic!!! I love my Forum Gals!!! Jane

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