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ratherbesewingNovember 1, 2012

I saw the office chair that you reupholstered on a posting. Can you tell me where you purchased the herribone tweed?I have been looking for this fabric. Thanks.

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The herringbone upholstery fabric I purchased is available in a number of places. The best price I have found is at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. It's also available at Calico Corners.

At MJ and at CC the fabric is called "Jumper" and it comes in a large variety of color choices. At Ethan Allen it's called "Turner". At Pottery Barn there is a similar fabric called "Chunky Herringbone". At PB it is only available in 2 different colors.

Pecan is the color I used on the office chair. I had a feeling that color was also going to be great for my next project (sofa & love seat), so I was using the chair as "practice" and to also see if I love it in a large piece (as opposed to just seeing it on a swatch/sample piece).

For the office chair, I had to pay more (even though it was on sale) and order through Calico Corners because of the small amount (2 yards). At Mary Jo's, the color Pecan has to be ordered in a larger amount...I think because they don't stock it? It's not that way for all colors. It's best to give them a call and check first.

I was so pleased with the color of the chair, & the way the fabric feels and sews, that I ordered 18 yards from Mary Jo's for the love seat. Whatever amount is leftover after the love seat is done (probably in a few weeks), I can use toward the matching sofa. I'll place a separate order for the sofa. The shipping is very reasonable ($7.99), so not an issue in this situation.

The 18 yards from Mary Jo's arrived yesterday. It looks exactly the same as the fabric from Calico Corners. When I get a chance to work with it (tomorrow), I will know more. If there is any difference at all, it may be that the backing is a tiny bit thinner on the fabric from MJ. I can't be certain, but may know more tomorrow. Sometimes, I see the fabric's manufacturer/vendor listed as Valdese and sometimes as UC Manufacturers. Maybe those two companies are the same?

Let me know if you learn anything about this fabric and if you end up getting some. What will you be using it on?


Jumper Pecan on top, Cafe below

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary Jo's Cloth Store

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Thank you! I have actually been to the Mary Jo site and ordered a few samples (a herribone called Sherlock). Unfortunately,I didn't care for the color. As the Mary Jo website instructs, I chose "upholstery" fabrics and "tweed". This UC Jumper fabric does not come up until I searched it specifically. These websites can make a girl crazy. Thanks again for the post.

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