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shellybelly26June 1, 2008

I am so excited right now I get to find out on wed. what we are having. The baby is due on oct 3 which just happens to be my hubbys birthday how interesting is that. He just finished his class to become nationally certified as a carne operator and back in december joined the union and though he is not making nearly what he used to as a superintendent I cant complain our bills are paid and at the end of the month there is extra money for spending. I will get some pics up of the nursery soon i am working on painting it right now we have chosen a jungle animal motif its going to be so cute. I guess what they say id true with the bad comes the good because even after the worst time in our lives financially GOD blessed us with the one thing we had prayed for for what seems like forever. I am also on the verge of becoming a Godmother, My nephew and his girlfriend are due to have their lil girl in just a few weeks and I guess he figured we had done such a good job helping raise him that if something happened we would be the best choice to take care of his daughter. I feel very blessed to have such an honor bestowed on me. I dont know what else to say right now except that I hope you all are doing well and I hope to be able to frequent here more often now.

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I'm so glad things are going better for you! My son was born the day after my birthday. It's kinda cool having them together!!

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Congratulations on becoming a mother and godmother ! I'll bet you are excited about tomorrow! Let us know !

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