What can I make with this?

barb_roselover_inNovember 20, 2010

I have a piece of fleece approximately 18 inches wide that I would like to make into something to put over my shoulders for warmth at night sitting in bed. I saw somewhere a straight like scarf that had a pocket in each end of the scarf for your hands. I would appreciate any suggestions. I think I would need some way of curving it over your shoulders so that it would not keep sliding off, but maybe not. - Barb

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I bought a "shrug" that is a piece of fleece probably the 58" width (actually measures about 70")x 22" inches wide at the center. It is then tapered to the ends to 12" wide. It is sewn together to form sleeves...13" from tapered end toward center. Ribbing is attached as in a long sleeve t-shirt. You just stick your arms into it and the light weight fleece drapes over your back/shoulders. I love it as I read in bed and too often my arms and hands get too cold. Hope this works for you. Nanny

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Barb, maybe you could make darts in one edge where you'd like it to curve around your shoulders.


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Oh hey - look @ this....

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleeved cape

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I'm sorry that I did not get back sooner to thank you for your help in this. I did make it up first in one for myself (I have to put the cuffs on yet because I have already been using it with this cold weather.) I am also making one for my daughter. It was so nice for you to take the time to help me. Have a wonderful holiday season. God Bless! Barb

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This is just what I have been searching for. Thank you so much ladies for posting this information.

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