Things Breaking Down?

meadelJune 6, 2008

It's Mercury gone retrograde~ ( and we're not even waiting for results) !

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ROFL! Worse yet, my fav politics site has been down for 4 days.. the server station had a fire! I've been in such a state over that and go to carls tonight... UGH thankful it was only momentary. when they go to AK I hope he knows of someone to babysit the site! LOL

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Things breaking down?? Only my brain on drastic overload with the new job and all the cr#% I have to re-learn coz they do the same things in a radically different way than I've done for years!

Other than that wonderfully relaxing day at CarolAnn's a couple of weeks back (where is she anyway?!?!?), haven't touched a single mosaic or gog in over a month now!


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