Singer sewing machine on its last needle LOL

phyllis_philodendronNovember 9, 2008

I have a Singer 5050C sewing machine that I'm trying to quilt with and it's ready to die. I realize that's a lot of consecutive stitching that it probably can't handle, but I have oiled it before (although not the motor) and even had it serviced a while back and it was worse than ever. It's slower than molasses, even when sewing garments.

I want something that's not to crazy in price but can obviously do mostly garment sewing with the occasional quilt. I looked at Berninas and crap, the accessory feet could be as much as nearly $70! I know I could go used, but wonder the feasibility of trying to get the other one fixed or what - and what brands are better than others. Although I've been sewing for years, I don't know much about the inner workings/technical specs of sewing machines. I would like something with accessory feet and a buttonhole feature that actually works, but all the decorative stitches aren't really necessary.

I had an old Singer Touch 'n Sew before and had quilted on that, and the motor never gave me problems. I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to!

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So, you need straight stitches and maybe a zig-zag? I'd go vintage if I were you.


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Do any of them do button holes - or can you still often find button hole accessories?

Any good vintage brands to consider?

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You can still get button hole attachments for them, although you do have find them used. Ebay usually has several at any given time. Singer's always a safe way to go in truly old machines (1950 or earlier.)


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