Laundry area ideas?

lavender_lassMarch 30, 2011

I've been trying to come up with ideas for my laundry/pantry/mudroom area. It's on the left of the plan, but I think I want a bigger window on the long wall so it extends over the cabinet, to the right.

Here are a few pictures I found, that I really like the 'style' but not the front loading washer.

Would something like this work? I like my mom's stackable washer/dryer...but it's hard to access the washer (it's the smaller version) so what if the top loading washer was on one side, with the higher dryer, over a cabinet, with pull out laundry baskets? Then my lovely drawing (LOL) also shows a high shelf with a picture under it. (Sorry about the crayon, but it's the only way to get it to scan!)

This would be next to this old farm sink we found, which obviously needs a good scrub! :)

Any comments, ideas, pictures of what works well for you? Thanks in advance!

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I had mine stacked for awhile but I'm really too short and it didn't work well for me. My favorite is side by side so you can use one motion to pull it out of the washer and swing it straight into the dryer, whether it's a front loader or top loader.

What I like about the plan you have now is that you can soak something in the sink and put it straight in the washer without dripping across the room.

What do you have beside your windows now that would prevent you from putting in a wider window?

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Nothing, I just drew it too small :)

I'm 5'10" so I really don't like to bend over, every time I'm trying to empty the dryer. I joke it's like standing on my head!

This area is currently an old porch, which despite being a bit neglected, is still in very good shape. We're putting the sink and washer against the inside wall, to keep the pipes warm in the winter. We also have a cement slab for the porch and hope to run the pipes through the wall, into the lower cabinets, below and/or next to the oven/microwave...and down into the basement.

I love that plant shelf over the window (first picture) but I don't know if my kitties would stay out of them. That might have to go in the sunroom/porch (it where the laundry door leads to) where kitties can be kept out :)

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Oh well, that makes a big difference. I'd build a platform and stack both of them if I were 5'10". I'd also go out and buy some capri pants, long, flowing skirts.... oh wait, I got carried away.

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I was just out in the "office" in the garage, and had a idea for you LL. If that is a counter under the window in the laundry room, you could put formica on it, and put your deep fryer on it. Then you could have granite in your kitchen and not have to worry about grease from the fryer staining it.

(I like to keep stinky stuff like frying fish outside or in the office.)

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Marti- LOL!!! Capri pants...I hate those, only because I spent too many years with jeans that were two inches too short! Thank goodness for 'tall girl' jeans :)

The formica counter is a great idea! I was already planning to do some 'messier' jobs in there...including canning, or at least freezer jam. A granite that looked like marble would be really nice, especially on that lower area of the peninsula. Marble would be my first choice...even if it stained a little, it would be less obvious, with the higher counter above it.

Maybe formica around the sink (I'm concerned butcher block would get too wet) and then the butcher block on the right side of the range and around to the lower part of the peninsula...with a marble slab inset, for rolling out dough! :)

If the butcher block would really hold up well around the sink, I'd probably get butcher block for all the counters. Maybe more marble or granite, on that little countertop, next to the wall oven?

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Yes, I'd put granite there, or marble if you go that route, for hot pans if nothing else.

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Love the plants in the window picture / look. I do think kitties would be a problem though. I KNOW my kitties would be a problem with them. LOL

I was just thinking for myself I wish I had a table between washer and dryer for sorting either into the washer or dryer. Many of my clothes do not go into the dryer. I do like the small drop leaf table I put in the laundry room. It really helps.

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Shades- A small table is a good idea..that would give you extra work space :)

Marti- Great point about the granite/marble...I didn't even think about the heat resistance!

After some suggestions on the other forum, I've decided to try to make a bigger pantry (and I miss the one in my old plan) so what do you think of this?

The farm sink is under the window, in the pantry, with an arch dividing it from the rest of the space. Washer and dryer on one side, broom closet and freezer on the other, with a high window over the bench. That little corner (left of the sunroom door) is for hanging 'work coats' and the cabinets between the doors are tall pantry units.

So, any ideas, suggestions, etc? Thanks again :)

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I think it is a great idea to make yourself a sort of second kitchen area. I would be calling it my canning kitchen, Try to keep some of the heat out of the main part of the house. Usually canning is done around here in the hottest time of the year. Rolling my eyes. I loved my outside canning kitchen at the last house. Was a dream to work out there in the shade. I would be sure your over the sink window will be one that will open for you.

You seem to have so many great ideas. Each one better then the last.

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I love the pantry idea. What I wouldn't give for a big pantry!

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I just noticed in the picture with small ironing board. There is a pull out drying rack hung on the wall over the washer. I have this same drying rack and we have used it for close to 20 years. It is a wonderful thing to have.

I used it when I was grooming dogs to hang towels to dry. I have used it in my studio when I had my loom to hang cut rag strips on and of course when we had a place in the laundry I used it to hang laundry. Imagine that!! LOL We have it in the laundry room here. Use it a lot.

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I didn't even notice that rack. Do you know the brand? Does yours have pegs under it too?

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Marti there was no tags on the rack when I bought it from thrift store.Sorry. I know you can still get them.Will try to remember where I saw them for sale. Had to take this picture from the kitchen to get it all in. I usually have lace curtain closed.

There is a second picture of our laundry room in the thumbnail to the left. It is of my small drop leaf table I fold or sort on or just use as landing

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry room drying rack

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Love the old sink a bunch. Clean it up and see if you'd do well to have it re-enamelled before installing it. Having a good high-necked new kitchen faucet set up would be much better looking than that bathroom looking thing on there now.
How neat to have grooved drains on both sides of the sink.

I have my stainless sink ready to be installed NEXT WINTER when we redo the kitchen. It is a single sink, but pretty deep and pretty wide. No drain board though. It is undermount.

I have all the appliances for the new kitchen, except for the gas range. I cannot splurge on such an appliance to have it sitting around gathering dust and chancing damage before time to install it. But, if it goes on sale, you better believe I'll now have a safe spot to store it in the new Teahouse!!! What you know you will need, I'd begin collecting them. Don't you have that other house just sitting there, tantalizing you? It would be hard to resist just looking at it, waiting patiently, until it all comes together. I'm a person who nibbles away at projects, not a big slam dunk and done. Aggravating at times, even to me, but I feel the house is organic and grows a little at a time.

Speaking of which, DH is in the attic laying insulation for R30 and then will lay some decking boards over it. Although it's been cool here last couple of days, he gets soaking wet from the heat already collecting in the attic. I cannot wait until we finally replace the dark shingled roof with the silver/white standing seam metal. Cheaper rate on our insurance with the metal. LL, do you have your roofing material picked out yet?

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I know I saw that drying rack in some online store, but cannot remember which one.

The one I bought has 5 rows of rope/whatever on each side of it and it is a fold-up floor model. It will hold sheets on each of the ropes. I put it in the basement by the dehumidifier that DH keeps going all the time, in his cape up north. It does not dry stuff as fluffy as the dryer, but it does a good job and is not in our way at all. No information about it to relay, sorry, but it is not as decorative as your swing-out white wood model. Just a very utilitarian contraption.

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ML My rack was plain wood when I bought it and I sprayed it white when we moved here. I got mine at thrift store for a couple dollars. Was a big bang for my buck. I still have not located an online store for them. Still looking . I know I saw them online too.

Another handy drying item is the heavy duty tension rods for shower curtains. There is a short model for narrow showers. I have one in the door way from laundry room to small bath and hang things on hangers on it.

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lavender lass, I guess I jumped in here too late to see the pictures you posted. They've been removed but sounded wonderful to look at. Any chance of posting them again?


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Sandy- Sorry about that...Photobucket wanted me to clear some space, but here are two of the original pictures and a pretty third one I just found.

And here's my dirty sink, which will look much better cleaned up and in the future laundry room :)

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I wondered why your pictures were gone. I didn't know photobucket ever made you do that.

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Hmmm, I was noticing that too. Bummer. Maybe that is why Tinypic stopped showing my pictures? I'll go check it out.

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I just get an e-mail once in a while, saying I'll have to pay a monthly fee, if I want to post more pictures. Since I'm cheap (LOL) and saving for my remodel, I delete a few and make room for new ones. Sorry :)

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