Sewing Machine Recommendation?

Jane RaffertyNovember 13, 2009

I'm not really much of a sewer but have a need to make the odd piece now and then and was thinking of sewing my own couch cover rather than buy one as I only need a throw. My Jenome/Home machine has surprised me by turning into a piece of junk in a very short time with not much use, so I'm hoping that someone here might know of a better brand.

I need to be able to sew denim, fleece, and cotton/polyester T-shirt/sweatshirt type material. I don't need anything fancy, just basic quality so I won't have to fight with the machine to get it to sew a straight stitch.



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It is suggested that when looking make a list of your needs, which you have just about done.

You may have a dealer close where you can try out a few different brands and features will help you make a decision, take some scraps of fabrics you have listed above and test the stitches.

If you sew a lot of jeans or heavy fabrics you may want to check out a commercial/industrial type of machine.

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It isn't always the brand of sewing machine. Its just that the cheaper, newer ones are not meant to last very long. Find a reputable dealer, one that will give you a warranty on a older, used, simple straight stitch, zig zag sewing machine. Those 15, 20 year old machines that are metal, a bit heavy to pick up, will outlast most of the 300 dollar ones today. I have seen some Older Pfaffs 360's, Older White, Viking (6010's),Necchi and Singers still sewing after 30 years.
They can handle the size 18 needle and stitch denium. Alot of the better,older ones will have a front loading bobbin. The " drop-in bobbin"" ones are "medium" duty and have abit of trouble with the heavier fabrics. All of these have metal hooks and used metal bobbins. Plastic bobbins "chip" and cause stitching problems.
Hope you find something!!

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I have a brothers (plastic)from WMs it fell apart I needed a bobbin case--price was $35.00 + shipping--I found a
1965 Kenmore at a yard sale for $5.00 it is a work horse.
you just can't beat those old machines.

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